Arizona, illegal immigration, and a dolt--Eric Holder

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U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, the nation's chief law enforcement officer, has admitted to Congress that he has not read Arizona's controversial anti-illegal immigration law.

Reported the Washington Times:

Mr. Holder acknowledged to the [congressional] panel he hadn't read the law he was
criticizing, and he gave conflicting accounts on whether he had talked
to the team that was reviewing it.

Added the newspaper:

Asked Monday whether Mr. Obama had read the law, White House press
secretary Robert Gibbs said he believed Mr. Obama had asked for
information from his lawyers.

Hard to imagine that those two haven't done the most fundamental thing in dealing with the nation's hottest issue: immigration. They're probably too busy trying to figure out how to try terrorists in New York City.

In the meantime, they're sure looking foolish. Reported the paper:

Mr. Kobach, a law professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City,
said Mr. Holder's admission will resonate.

"It's bad enough to just send him out to condemn a state law, period,"
said Mr. Kobach, who served in the Bush Justice Department. "It's even
more outrageous when he just goes out and just starts shooting his mouth
off without reading the law. It's like this Justice Department is
winging it." 

I think the Obama administration has a dilemma in trying to decide if it'll file a legal challenge to the law: Because it is so identical to the federal law, they may end up having to challenge both the federal and state laws. What a mess that would be.


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  • What we have here is a person with no nerve for the people of this country appointed by a person with no international experience.Oh yea,that didn't seem to bother anyone before the election.the problem is we are all vulnerable under this leadership.Mr holder don't you have an assistant that could read the law and filled you in?

  • The US Constitution text is very specific that the government must defend all states against invasion, but for decades nothing has been done. Congress has ignored building the--REAL DOUBLE BORDER FENCE and instead constructed this inferior fence that does little or nothing to stop the illegal immigration occupation or the spread of criminal foreign nationals into our communities. The president of Mexico is a hypocrite of the worst kind, who has demonized Arizona for its new policing law, while his corrupt country has one of the most strict immigration laws south of the border. Many state eyes have been watching the final outcome of the Arizona law, but other lawmakers have already set in motion a near perfect copy of the border state with others like Illinois not waiting. Instruct our politicians to duplicate Mexico's statutes and illegal aliens will depart expeditiously with their families. Next month Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) must be ejected from office, corroding his abhorrent immigration record by supporting Amnesty as a path to citizenship for people who broke our sovereignty laws. Only public outcry can stop another travesty of our immigration laws, so every patriotic American must be loudly vocal to their Representatives in Washington. Learn more at NumbersUSA

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