Wah! There'll be 2 more kids in my class!

You'll have to excuse us OFs (Old Fools, Old Fogies, Old Farts), but I can not seem to get worked up that today's schools will have to make do with what we had in the 1940s and '50s.

Here's a well-done story, detailing two "tale of two-cities" school districts in Naperville will have to cope with budget cuts. Among the difficulties will be larger class size. Said the story, "At the elementary level, some classes may have as many as 31 children, and some high school classes could see as many as 37 students."
Such numbers are quite familiar to us OFs. One class in the elementary school I attended had more than 50 students and a single teacher. Today that would be considered child abuse. 
We could argue all day whether today's schools were better than mine, but I don't feel my education was deprived by those kinds of numbers or the failure to have a music technique program in middle. school. Nor did America collapse.


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  • In our little town, the super wants to tear down perfectly good schools to build new ones that better support cooperative learning groups and technology and so on. I'm just amazed that anyone thought hiring consultants and architects to consider such things in the current financial state was anything but folly. But this kind of thinking continues.

    Nice piece.

  • I to agree with you on class sizes but,remember back when you and I went to school.The nun in grammer school and the teachers in high school demanded and got your respect.Today thats gone.With no parental guidence from home your going to make a bad matter worse.You have to have parent involved or forget it.

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