Mark Kirk, Come Out of Your Neutral Corner


Democrats apparently figure that they have Republican Senate candidate
Mark Kirk cornered.

"Do you," they demand to know, "favor the repeal of our wonderful
comprehensive health reform or do you not?"

They have a point. Thanks to Kirk' lack of clarity, Republicans also
have been asking the same question. Kirk, the moderate North Shore
congressman, earlier let it be known that he would "lead" the fight to
repeal the entire recently enacted health care monstrosity. Later, he
seemed to amend that sweeping promise, suggesting that some things in
the new law were bad (e.g. new taxes) and some things worth considering.

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  • So, I guess (pick one of four)
    1. You are going to vote for Giannoulias over this issue, despite his ethical problems, and his clear statement that he is behind his basketball buddy's bill.
    2. You will get an answer from the Green Party candidate, whom you endorse, but who probably can't win.
    3. You'll be among the posters on Tribune comment boards who sit this one out because Kirk is too liberal for their tastes, giving the election to Giannoulias.

    or, the obvious one....
    4)Being from the Tribune, you'll first join the campaign to force Ginannoulias off the ballot (Kass has already raised that issue), and then vote for whom Mike Madigan and friends slate. I predict that it won't be Hoffman, and then we can say that Quinn and friends again violated the nonexistent "first runner up rule" and is an anti-Semite.

    This is sort of like someone lamenting that Obama is not going to nominate a social conservative to the Supreme Court, to which Roe Conn said that really doesn't matter, because this nomination is not going to change the ideological balance.

    Hence, if you want to skewer a Republican based on single issue politics, consider the alternatives. I already did. I bet you also don't like Kirk because he is in favor of hybrid vehicles and stem cell research. He's at least come out on those issues.

  • What? Jack, I can't tell whether you're talking to me or someone else.

  • In reply to DennisByrne1:

    Well, you seem to be the one so concerned about Kirk's position on health care, while, to me

    1) It is pretty clear. He said before that he had a plan which basically was tort reform and repealing the McCarran Ferguson Act. That didn't get to the floor. So, now he says he is against the tax hikes.

    2) The practical question is that what is the choice? Clearly it is between Kirk and Ginannoulias (unless scenario 4 happens). Alan Keyes isn't moving back to Calumet City to run on the ideologue platform. So, if you oppose Giannoulias, this is a strange way of showing it.

  • In reply to DennisByrne1:

    Interestingly, after posting this, I came across Garrard McClendon's interview with Option 2. I don't think he is your cup of tea, either.

  • Up here on the North Shore, Kirk has always been a moderate. The past few months he's been trying to appear deeply conservative, which was OK for the primaries. Now he needs to forget about the Tea Partiers, Brady will attract them to the ticket, anyway. He should remember this is a mostly moderate state.

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