Jesse Jackson Jr. defends earmarks


Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Buried in this story in the Sunday Tribune was this disturbing defense of controversial congressional earmarks (aka pork) by Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.:

During these tough economic times, Democrats shouldn't shy away for one moment from their responsibility and duty to improve schools, rebuild roads, retrain workers, provide healthcare and invest in the people and communities in their districts.

The quote appeared in a story reporting how House Republicans have called a moratorium on earmarks--special funding for individual lawmaker's pet project dropped into unrelated legislation--to demonstrate fiscal responsibility during the federal budget crisis. The story also reports that people who benefit from earmarks aren't so happy.
There's more than one problem with defense thrown up by Jackson and the others. Earmarks:
  • Have nothing to do with "these tough economic times." Earmarks flow in good times and in bad. 
  • Sometimes are nothing more than pay-offs for favors done for the lawmaker.
  • Short circuit the normal legislative process, attached to sometimes unrelated legislation. 
  • Violate the idea of orderly and prioritized spending; they simply reflect the power or skill of individual lawmakers to make political deals that advance their own careers.
  • Create an authoritarian power structure. Members who "don't play ball" or "go along to get along" are punished by the withholding earmarks from uncooperative lawmakers.

It's not just lawmakers who are at fault. Lawmakers like earmarks because we--the public--like them, no matter how much we say we dislike them. For every earmarks, there's someone who sees some good in it--whether it's a grant for the Chicago Botanic Gardens or the creation of a cowgirl museum.  They always be justified because "they create jobs."

Truth is, earmarks represent a free-for-all that shorts some important needs and corrupts the political process..  

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  • Knowing the political background of Mr. Jackson,why am I not surprised. Here we have a rep who loves give aways.A representative that likes spending other peoples money with only himself to benefit.We need to send a real message to him and his fellow pols,STOP SPENDING WHAT WE DO NOT HAVE.

  • Was it our money that was offered for the senate seats he so desperately wants..........

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