Drivers: More ethanol in your tank?


Stick a cob in your tank.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is seriously considering increasing by 50 percent the amount of ethanol that must be added to your gasoline. This is nothing more than a gigantic subsidy to the corn and ethanol industries, being sold as something that is energy efficient and environmentally beneficial.
In fact, the science supporting such claims is not conclusive. You can find studies supporting each side of this argument, as is often the case with complex scientific issues. To shell out billions of tax dollars based on claims of unsettled science is ludicrous and dangerous.  
Unfortunately, you won't find many people in Illinois acknowledging this fact or fighting this gigantic give-away. That's because some of the biggest winners of this policy are right here in Illinois, one of the nation's biggest corn-growing states and home to big and small ethanol producers. The biggest in the country is Decatur, Illinois-base Archer Daniels Midland.
For more information on the lunacy of this subsidy, visit this Washington Times editorial. 


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  • Remember when they stated this before? Higher gas ,higher food prices.Here we go,SPEND,SPEND,SPEND.No one buys the crap your shoveling.Please stop we are about to explode from the insanity.Our supreme leader in washington just said we can't drill our way out of foreign oil,what are we going to do, grow our way out??????????????

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