Democrats' Illinois redistricting plan falls short

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Democrats in the Illinois House failed to pass their own redistricting plan, which might be a blessing. But they're unwilling to back a better one backed Republicans.

Reports the Tribune:

Status quo won again at the Capitol as Democrats on Thursday failed to muster enough support Thursday to give Illinois voters a chance this fall to change the way lawmakers redraw their district boundaries.

The loss represented the last opportunity this go-around to try to eliminate the oft-criticized redistricting process, where the deadlock that typically results is broken by pulling a name from a stovepipe hat like that worn by Abraham Lincoln.

The worst piece of news in this story is the fact that a citizen-initiated amendment that was better than the constitutional amendment that Democrats were backing may not get enough signatures from voters to get on the ballot.
The way that Illinois redraws its voting districts every ten years based on the new census apparently will continue to be a stick in the eye of voters. 


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  • While the status quo is unacceptable, one of the problems is that neither of the proposals has been adequately explained in the media. It seems like the Tribune's main editorial position is that this one didn't take it enough away from the legislature. However, the issue is sort of like ethics--is one like Quinn and take the partial reform that leaves the crooks 57% in charge, or the status quo that leaves them 100%?

    On a side note, but since you might have more influence with Tribune IT than I have: I find the new "News and Opinion" homepage totally unusable. I don't give a rats patoot what some twenty something thinks is trending, nor really like that the CTA index entries are for the RedEye (the free paper for people with with ADD) rather than the CTA Tattler. The Tattler brought me over here, and I preferred scanning headlines blog by blog. I bookmarked the Tattler and this, and might bookmark Wiz, but I guess I won't be taking the effort to bait the Todd Stroger syncopath neighborhood of Chicago Now in the future (you know which blogs I mean).

    Combining this move with such jokes as Trib Nation and turning over comment boards on the main site to the Chinese indicate that the Tribune has no idea about how to run an electronic publishing operation with the reader in mind. Maybe you understand that, but the "new media" and IT folks do not.

  • gerrymandering has been around for a long time but that doesn't make it right. we can not leave the pirates we have in charge of anything but they must change this practice. iowa and arizona have a system in place that would be a nice change from what we currently have.

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