Arizona illegal immigration law: Boycott or buycott?

San Fransisco, among others, wants to build a figurative fence, blocking off Arizona from other states' money for having the audacity to pass a law that would enforce existing federal law. Because the feds are doing such a bang-up job of enforcing the law. The shame of it.

But, I suspect, that a boycott of Arizona would have about as much success as the real wall on the Mexican border has had at keeping illegal aliens out of the country. Nonetheless, the various calls for boycotts and demonstrations satisfy the emotional demands of those who see a Hitler behind it. Or a return to the apartheid policies of South Africa.
This, they say, calls for a level of civil disobedience reminiscent of the demonstrations that marked the civil rights movement. Thus, the arrests of 24 protesters this week in Broadview, after they sat down in front of a van, supposedly transporting illegal aliens from a federal detention center to be deported. Big demonstrations are planned for tomorrow--May Day--including in Chicago.

Other, more level headed opponents of the Arizona law, appear to have their passions satisfied with boycotts. In response, supporters of the law are organizing a "buycott" to promote the purchase of Arizona's products and travel to the state. And satisfying passions are about the only thing that boycotts and buycotts will accomplish. Because the folks in Arizona are angry and won't change unless forced to by a judge. 

The state reportedly has the nation's fastest growing illegal alien population. They represent a disproportionate share of criminals and consume a disproportionate share of government services. Clearly, Arizona residents, who back the law 70 percent to 23 percent, see illegal immigration as threats to their safety and their economic well-being.  The anger ginned up against Arizona will only, I suspect, harden their resolve.

Especially, the name calling: Wingnuts and other cliches tossed about by people, who judging by their comments, haven't bothered to read the law. For example:"Wingnuts to buy Arizona consumer crap and then go die in the heat."

As usual, the reaction is overtaking the real story, which is Arizona's determination to protect itself from the costs and violence that the failure to enforce federal immigration laws has inflicted on the state. Arizona haters will insist that a boycott will work, just like one worked years ago when Arizona was the last state to declare Martin Luther King Jr. day a state holiday. 

They fail to understand that difference between a symbolic issue and one of immediate economic and personal consequences. So, go ahead with the boycotts and marches. For what it's worth.


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  • This law is just the same as the federal law that's already on the books,so whats the big deal? These boycotts will do nothing.I wouldn't worry to much about san francisco. All these immigration groups don't want to see anyone deported for anything.How amnesty will benifit this country is beyond me other than swamp the welfare system and healthcare too.

  • Great, SFran is boycotting Arizona. That means we won't be seeing any gay men dressed as nuns on the streets of Tucson for a while! See, every black cloud has a silver lineing.

  • LOL, Joe Arpaio is an idiot. Plain and simple. Yee Haww, a redneck hillbilly.


  • GOD bless you Mr. Arpaio. It's about time that someone stood up for America, and tries to regain some control. My great grandfather stood in line to "legally" become an american citizen. If these mexican folk want to come over here for a better life, get in line as well. Lets not continue to condone their actions by handing them free housing and foodstamps. If your here legally, then whats the problem? show your papers and be on your way.

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