Tea bagger profile; maybe not what you think

Tea Party Group Holds Code Red Anti Health Care Reform RallyMany had not be active politically; few had been very involved. Most were not "rabble rousers" but ordinary citizens who had reached a "breaking point" and believed it was time to get involved. There is other information that you might find interesting and informative. The analysis was done by the Chicago-based Sam Adams Alliance, a Chicago-based non-profit group advancing free-market principles. Read it here.


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  • Of course, you calling them "Tea Baggers" pretty much shows YOUR bias, there Mr. Byrne, doesn't it? Using such disgusting short hand for a perverted sex act like "tea bagger" sort of shows what YOU think about tea party activists, don't you think?

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Don't blame the messenger. You can thank FreeRepublic, who encouraged its use as a verb and started the whole thing. Tea Baggers only objected to it when it was pointed out to them what it actually meant.

    The verb to "tea bag", hence "tea bagger", to describe these protesters has been used by several pundits and journalists after it appeared self-referentially on signs at Tea Party rallies, distributed by "FReeRepublic.Com". Anderson Cooper apologized for using the term. [9][10][11][12][13] Ridiculing the movement has produced death threats.[14]
    The term's growth in the political arena earned attention by the Oxford American Dictionary, and the word "teabagger" achieved finalist status for the OAD Word of the Year, with final judgment rendered thus:[15]
    As a reference to members of the currently active Tea Party, the word has been used in speech and print by both liberals and conservatives. In this context, the term "teabagger" is a reasonably conceived informal name for an affiliate of the Tea Party, and as a word in the news, it earned a mention for the year 2009.

  • I really don't care what they call this movement because we will have the last word on election day.This party woke the silent majority around the country.I am not surprised that most tea partiers were never politically active before I am glad they are now.Marginalize all they want,they are not going away.

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