ObamaCare: Bait and Switch

Obama Campaigns At Wisconsin High School

Obama, campaigning at a Wisconsin high school, made extensive promises about his health care plan.

Wonder how ObamaDemCare that was actually enacted compares with the campaign promises that Barack Obama made on the campaign trail?

Here's a comparison, made by the Washington Times, and the comparisons aren't good. His projections are of the costs are half of what they turned out to be. He promised Americans they wouldn't lose their health care plan or their doctor; now when pinned down he admits they might. When he criticized primary opponent Hillary Clinton for forcing Americans to buy health care insurance, it's now part of his plan. Obama promised open and transparent negotiations; his plan was concocted behind closed dooors. 

Democratic partisans surely will argue that these changes were forced on him by Republican intransigence. That would be incorrect; Republicans weren't insisting on higher taxes, secret dealings and the rest. They were forced on him by his and his Democratic colleagues' over-reaching. If Obama and Democrats had offered what he had promised, perhaps they might have gotten one GOP vote.

If I were, say, a MoveOn.org poster, I'd now be accusing Obama and Democrats of "lies, lies, lies." That also would be incorrect. It's another case of how democracy works; sometimes you have to make deals.  The problem, though, is that these deals are not in the public interest. 


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  • This gentleman was a "Harvard" graduate. I wonder if the truth ever came up during all the time he spent on that campuse. We need the media to unlock their lips from his backside and do their job.When the smoke clears from the room maybe they'll do just that.

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