Kirk pounds on Giannoulias

Republican senate candidate

audioID=40352">Mark Kirk goes after Alexi Giannoulias for his involvement and alleged failures in the Democratic senate candidate's family bank business. I'll leave Kirk to make his own attacks on Giannoulias; my interest is more in why Democratic voters selected him to run for the seat.

In my view, Democrats had a clearly superior choice in state comptroller Dan Hynes, who was like a voice in the wilderness, steadfastly exposing the state's precarious situation--all against the Democratic given position. (Last time, I voted in the Democratic primary because of the clearly superior choices that were running against the incumbents, Gov. Rod Blagojevich and Cook County Board President Todd Stroger. This time I voted in the Republican primary because I thought that my vote was more important there.)
True, Hynes had the scent of the Chicago Democratic Machine with him, including what has now become a rite of heredity accession, a la Daley and Madigan. But there were a lot more questions to ask about Giannoulias, questions that remain unanswered. The fact that Democrats selected him to run at the top of the ballot tells me that they aren't interested in change. Giannoulias came out of nowhere to finance and win the job of state treasurer, and to this point I can't think of a single positive thing that made him the superior candidate. (Yes, saving those jobs at Hart Marx may or may not have been a good thing, depending on your feelings about whether its proper to use taxpayers' money to bludgeon or subsidize a private business.)
Anyway, Democrats are stuck with him now.


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  • I think you are confusing Hynes' 2004 Senate run against now President Obama with his 2010 Gubernatorial run against now Governor Quinn.

    The Democrats had the following options for Senate:

    Alexi Giannoulias
    Cheryle Jackson
    David Hoffman
    Jacob J. Meister
    Robert Marshall

  • In reply to PincoPallino:

    Actually, I was thinking of the 2006 Democratic primary, in which Edwin Eisendrath ran against Blago and Forrest Claypool ran against Stroger. Sorry for the confusion.

  • In reply to PincoPallino:

    "Anyway, Democrats are stuck with him now."

    Nu uh. Scott Lee Cohen won his primary contest, too.


  • In reply to PincoPallino:

    Despite all Alexi Giannoulias broadway bank problems I am still voting for him as a republican. Here is why.

  • In reply to wts1981:

    Points well taken. But who are the Republicans for Alexi? Where do they get their money?

  • In reply to wts1981:

    I believe that Democrats voted for Alexi because they liked him, and didn't like the other candidates. The voters wanted clean government, but they didn't want a schoolyard goody-two shoes who would look under your bed and point fingers, so David Hoffman was not the choice. Cheryl Jackson was ran a touchy-feeley Oprah-style campaign, Robert Marshall was too conservative, Jacob Meister was certainly on people's minds, but under-funded and under-supported.

    In the final analysis, he didn't run the bank. He has not been accused of wrongdoing by any federal agency or prosecution. I am more concerned about Mark Kirk, who has been bought and sold by special interest during his tenure in Congress. That's just the facts. And I don't think Kirk voted AGAINST the bank deregulation that caused this financial mess. I am more concerned about Kirk voting over 90% for Bush's agenda than I am about a failed family bank.

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