Jeez, Barack, what now?

Not happy about getting half the country mad at the other half with his health monstrosity, President Obama now is preparing to turn federal education policy upside down.

Reported the Wall Street Journal (subscription required):
WASHINGTON--The Obama administration plans to upend how the government measures and encourages success in the country's public schools as part of a sweeping proposal to rewrite President George W. Bush's signature No Child Left Behind law.

The administration's blueprint, which would cast aside many of the core principles of the 2002 Bush law, kicks off what is sure to be months of heated debate in Congress over how to recalibrate the federal government's role in the nation's 98,000 public elementary and high schools. The administration unveiled the plan Saturday, and immediately sparked disagreement over the direction of federal education policy. 

The No Child Left Behind Act was a federal intrusion into state and local schools systems that was bound to fail. At least Obama's new plan gives lip service to the idea that one size doesn't fit all. And another improvement is measurement of individual student progress instead of class progress.

Still, the imposition of uniform education standards for a nation of more than 300 million people seems to be a failure waiting to happen.


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  • A presidential decree should grant all American citizens a high school diploma. They will then be eligible to enter college. Our nation will then take the world leadership in promoting higher education. It will be the task of the colleges to educate and turn out millions of bright mathematicians and scientists. No child will be left behind except those that refuse to take advantage of this golden opportunity.

  • In reply to melpol:

    melpol - High school diploma for everyone? The illiterates too? How will that help if they can't even read and write? That is asinine suggestion.

  • In reply to melpol:

    Obama should just get rid of this stupid law. It was never fully funded and was the cause of great financial burdens to many school districts. Schools are no longer teaching subjects, rather they're teaching this one test that all children must pass. Let the states monitor the school districts, without some federal punishment promised for high poverty, overcrowded districts that have the fewest financial resources and highest minority concetrations. One size does not fit all.

  • In reply to melpol:

    How about repealing the Federal Reserve Act ? Only three members of congress were on the floor when it was passed in 1913. Taking back control of the money supply has been postponed for over 80 years and America falls further and further into debt. Obama 'asked' the Fed to print another $700 million so that he could 'stimulate the economy' or in actual fact, pay the money directly back to the Fed as interest payments on the loan they received in 1916 which sold everyone in America into slavery via the social security system.

  • In reply to melpol:

    By the way - can anyone tell me if the USA is still operating under Emergency War Powers - and is the U.S. Constitution in effect during such times ? Thanks.

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