Another casualty of O'Hare expansion: Security

James Mauer (left), the former chief of security at O'Hare Airport and former Chicago police superintendent, has charged in a lawsuit that the facility is infected with huge security gaps, but the city has stubbornly ignored his warnings.

The reason: The Daley administration is too busy pushing ahead with airport expansion, reported WLS:

Maurer says, and his lawsuit states, that he was worried a terrorist could exploit security weaknesses. He says, instead of security, [Aviation Cmr. Rosemarie] Andolino and [deputy cmr. deputy, Ellen] O'Connor were focused on the expansion of O'Hare Airport. 

"They were more concerned about building new runways and throwing galas to celebrate the modernization project than they were worried about keeping what they had safe," said Keith Hunt, [Mauer's] attorney.

Amazingly, he said that his efforts to meet with Andolino or O'Connor to detail the problem were constantly rebuffed. Andolino's office issued a statement in response:

"We cannot comment on the pending litigation filed today. We want to assure the public, though, that the number one priority for the Chicago Department of Aviation is the safety and security of individuals who travel through and work at O'Hare and Midway International Airports." 

Bunk. The Aviation Department is overly focused on expanding O'Hare to satisfy Mayor Richard M. Daley's insatiable appetite to expand the airport, come hell or high water. Andolino, who is not an aviation expert, rose to the top post because of her ability to satisfy that appetite. 

Daley has produced an airport expansion plan that is dangerous and nearly impossible to implement. No wonder in pushing that plan that his Aviation Department has taken its eye off the ball. 

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