A week after passage, a majority wants to repeal ObamaCare

A new Rasmussen poll found that opposition to ObamaCare is strong, despite White House pronouncements that once passed, Americans would grow to like it. It's only the first week, but it's worth keeping track of. Here's the report:

One week after the House of Representatives passed the health care plan
proposed by 

President Obama and congressional Democrats, 54% of the
nation's likely voters still favor repealing the new law. The latest
Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 42% oppose

Those figures are virtually unchanged from last week. They include 44% who Strongly Favor
repeal and 34% who Strongly Oppose it.Repeal is favored by 84% of Republicans and 59% of unaffiliated voters.
Among white Democrats, 25% favor repeal, but only one percent (1%) of
black Democrats share that view. 

A note to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who has no plans to file a lawsuit to repeal the law:  Another poll finds that almost half of voters want their states to sue.


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  • Please remember that the lame stream media never reported that the American public did not want this bill.Now the voters want their states to repeal this budget buster but of course our state won't get involved.Maybe Mike Madigan should give Lisa permission to do what the voters of Illinois want her to do.These people will answer to the voters some day,Election Day.

  • Gee, Dennis! The infamously Republican biased Rasmussen organization finds a majority of Americans want to repeal the law. But you didn't mention that the far more respected Harris organization shows a majority approving of the law's passage.
    But please, Dennis......encourage the GOoPers to run on repeal. I would love nothing more than them running on a pledge to reinstate denial for pre-existing conditions, annual and lifetime benefit caps, rescission, etc. Instead of the Dems losing congressional seats in the midterm (as history indicates that almost certainly will,) they'd actually GAIN seats. So go ahead Dennis....make my day!

  • Ever the dinosaur CBS poll showed a majority of peopl want a repeal.I think CBS was a big Obama supporter as well as the rest of the lame stream media.Since just about everybody didn't read the bill,most of these programs don't take effect until after the taxes go into effect.Since almost 50% of all Americans do not pay taxes it is easy to see why they are all for higher taxes.

  • Polls and pundits... this isn't about them. It's about We The People. Of COURSE no one wants to pay more taxes. That's a no-brainer. Most people jump at things that are Free -- even if they don't really want or need them. Then there's reality.

    The reality is that health care costs money. 20-year-olds don't want to pay for it (or anything else) because they see themselves as invincible. When they're sick or injured, that song will be a little different, but even then they won't be thinking about paying $20k for the medical bill. They'll just file bankruptcy or dodge it. Things cost money. The national debt is going to cost money to be repaid. Health care isn't free.

    People not wanting to pay for things isn't new. What's new is that we're even having to talk about it. Perhaps if we were as horrified by doctors being made to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend against some greedy SOB and his greedy lawyer, trying to use the courts to rob him, we wouldn't be in this position in the first place.

    Tort Reform starts at home... but it's time to close up the loopholes that the greedy sacks use. We ALL pay for that, whether we like it nor not. So if you want to rail against something and reduce the cost of health care, fight against frivolous lawsuits. Put your energy where it's useful. But don't sit there crying about that health care costs money. Nothing new about that. It's just that the new law will make everyone have to pay their fair share of the cost of it.

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