Tea party revolt on Chicago's North Shore?


New Trier High School

New Trier township is one of the wealthiest in the United State, flowing with cash for the best of everything, including its schools. So when the New Trier Township HIgh School board and administrators decided they needed to rehab the main school (there's a newer one out west in Northfield that could be more economically expanded, but parents didn't want to send their kids to a New Trier West, and that's another story), they went all out. The price turned out to be $174 million, more than it costs to build all-new quality facilities.

Voters had to approve this blubbery project, but apparently no one thought that would be a problem. Except it was. The project was turned down by a 2-to-1 margin.
It's another example of the tin ear of certain governments that they think they can go on and on spending and borrowing. When even wealthy taxpayers in New Trier say enough is enough, not politician, no public official ought to take for granted that he has a blank check to fund every extravagance under the sun.  
Does this mean that North Shore voters are just another version of tea party red necks, being manipulated by the likes of Rush Limbaugh. Or are they reflective of an American electorate that has just had enough? 


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  • Big Government days are numbered.

  • You sort of had the story with regard to the Palace at Northfield being underutilized, but not explaining why the residents are reluctant to use that campus compared to the "old school" in Winnetka.

    I really doubt that there are tea baggers there; just the combination of old money and new money. However, up until now, school boards and park districts have been getting their way with bond referenda, although by close margins (such as Glenbrook going through a recount). In that the wealthy have said "no mas," that is significant.

  • I have no knowledge of the New Trier school controversy, but I was dismayed by the last paragraph of this article. Why the slam at Tea Party 'rednecks'?

    I am a proud member of the Tea Party movement and I have attended several parties here and in Washington. I do not have a red neck (I checked minutes ago in my bathroom mirror). I have met some fine upstanding people at the Tea Parties I have attended and I have not observed discooring of anyone's neck.

    I have observed that like myself, people within the Tea Party movement express a fervent love of country; they find repugnant the country's shift to socialistic policies; they are outraged at spending on inane social programs that has pushed our nation's debt into the stratosphere; they are chagrined by the 60 million infants that have been aborted in recent years.

    I cannot tie any of these things to the New Trier school issue - what am I missing?

  • I don't think tea party folks are red necks. I was being sarcastic, echoing tea party critics who find all kinds of names to make tea party protesters look like bumpkins, right-wing fanatics, unsophisticated simpletons, etc. My implication here was that you couldn't very well hang those names on the wealthy, well-educated, upper class people on the North Shore who killed the referendum. Like the folks in tea parties, they're getting sick and tired of government run amok.

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