Seniors' free rides may end. Yes!

A House committee has approved legislation that would roll back the free transit rides for seniors program pushed through by ex-Gov, Rod Blagojevich. The committee vote, 19-4, indicates that enough House members may have found the courage to end the controversial program.

Under the measure, sponsored by Rep. Suzie Bassi, seniors would return to paying half fare, which have been the rule for years before Blagojevich rammed his attempt to save his political ass through the General Assembly. Bassi's bill would continue to  provide free public
transit rides to low-income seniors and the disabled who qualify for
the Illinois Department of Aging Circuit Breaker program.

As more lawmakers face the fact that this is a unnecessary subsidy for seniors who ride the CTA, Pace and Metra, we perhaps can expect a return to sanity.

Read the full story in the Illinois Statehouse News.


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  • Why not continue the free rides for all those who voted for Obama? Then the name "Metra" could be changed to "Gravy Train".

  • Dennis
    Lifetime Chicagoan. Recently became a senior. I have seen many governors. I honestly cannot name one good thing that any of them have done that actually touched my life in a positive way. I can think of several of them and maybe all of them who have had a negative effect on our State.
    Strangely , the only one that did anything that I benefited from directly was one of them (Blago) that got caught.

    I do not need nor do I use the senior CTA privilege very often , but it is the only measure that I have can remember when a governor ever gave something of value BACK to the people. Think about it Kerner, Stratton, Walker, Thonpson, Edgar et al. Anything ??

  • In reply to jjrprime:

    jr: It is not going to be a thing of value, when you can't get on a bus because it is so packed because they don't have the money to run the amount of service that meets demand.

    Also, Blago fooled you like he fooled many others. He said he was giving away a costless perk, but he wasn't. Some people believe that Blago and Quinn gave money to the RTA, but neither had money to give--Blago signed a tax increase, conditional on the free rides, and Quinn had the RTA borrow itself $166 million deeper into the hole.

    Unlike you, I am not duped, so, no, there is no point in getting into a game of which governor gave you more. Maybe the question should be which governors suckered the taxpayers into these schemes?

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