Reason and Asian Carp

Instead of demanding that the entire Illinois waterway be choked off to keep Asian carp out of Lake Michigan, calmer minds have started working on a cooperative way of meeting the threat. Lots of things are going on next week regarding the issue. From the Tribune:

    • On Monday, Gov. Pat Quinn plans to meet with governors from Michigan and Wisconsin at the White House to hash out a plan to keep the invasive species out of the Great Lakes. Some think the Obama administration will use the occasion to introduce its own Asian carp attack plan, using the resources of the Fish and Wildlife Service, Army Corps of Engineers and other federal agencies.
    • On Tuesday, lawmakers will debate proposed Asian carp legislation at a congressional hearing of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.
    • On Wednesday, attorneys general from Illinois and other Great Lakes states are invited to talk carp strategy with officials from the U.S. Department of Justice.
    • On Friday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will discuss carp control efforts and take recommendations from the public and stakeholders at a meeting in Chicago.

I suppose you could say that the extreme proposal of shutting down the locks between Lake Michigan and the Illinois waterway at least had one positive impact: It got everyone talking.carp.jpg

Embracing your outer carp.


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  • Thanks for pointing out the scare tactics and rush to judgment from this whole asian carp issue. You seem to be a voice of reason among many carpmongers. People do not seem to realize that there are and have been Asian Carp in Lake Erie for years but I don't see people rushing to shut down the Detroit River or Welland canal. Not to mention that the EDNA test they are using has not been independently studied to validate the test itself. The Science in regards to this whole asian carp panic is subject to debate along with the 7billion dollar sports fishing number that is being thrown out there all the time. Sports fishing would increase if there were a lot of carp in the lake. These sports fishing people change what they fish for all the time. How does more fish crush sports fishing? However rushing to judgment by closing the Chicago lock would devastate Chicago's Tour Boat industry virtually shutting down long standing iconic Chicago Companies leaving thousands of people unemployed and billions of dollars of tourism revenue gone. There was actually a guy out there "a supposed expert" who claimed that shutting the locks would create jobs. This guy took one trip down the Chicago River and crowns himself an expert. It is this kind of misinformation the public does not need. It should be all about the facts. Not one asian carp has been found or seen across the barrier! not one. I leave you with this fact! In our panic to stop a alleged killer (the asian carp) WE have killed more native fish than the Asian Carp damaged so far.

  • Since you've used this picture twice, is the man humping the carp, or vice versa? Apparently the carp is in control.

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