NOW they want a privately operated airport

A couple of top Chicago business and labor leaders recently argued that it's time to re-energize an earlier-failed attempt to privatize Midway airport. To support their argument, they pointed to Mayor Daley's deal privatizing the city's parking meter revenues; a good deal for the public they say.  (The two, Jerry Roper, head of  the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, and Dennis Gannon, president of the Chicago Federation of Labor, might have trouble persuading many Chicago motorists on that score).
Maybe they're right about privatizing Midway, but they come embarrassing late to it. Two internationally respected private developers with airport experience had proposed to plan, finance, build and operate the South Suburban Airport, with minimal public money involved. 
As opposed to the billions and billions of dollars required for Daley's goofy O'Hare Airport expansion. Billions for a project that appears to be running out of money after billions already had been spent and the most crucial Phase II hasn't even begun. 
Here's the irony. Roper and Gannon were big supporters of O'Hare expansion and the expenditure of billions of dollars of public money. They supported Daley's brazen campaign to halt the South Suburban Airport project because the new airport wouldn't provide to Chicago the jobs and contracts that would be provided by O'Hare expansion. 
The South Suburban Airport already could be open and operating, and no one would be worried now about were the money would be coming from for O'Hare's Phase II.  Why anyone would pay any attention to what these two guys have to say about airports is beyond me.


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  • First the parking meters and now . . .

    They are all like children who need instant gratification - give it time and it will make us more money!!

  • If you go back, Midway is not truly Chicago's anyway. There are some that still maintain that It is still owned by Stickney township,not the city of Chicago. It was originally the 1 square mile of school property that was assigned in every township. I know, back in the 50's and 60's there were several lawsuits that got bogged down in legalities so the ownership issue was never really cleared up. So the bottom line is that Midway is not the City's to lease out.

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