Lt. Gov. needed; blacks need not apply

Art Turner. He came in second; why isn't he good enough to be the candidate?

By the time this appears, Democratic big shots may already have
picked the party's new candidate for Illinois lieutenant governor, again
denying voters their choice.

You'll recall that Democrats blocked any effort to fill the U.S.
Senate seat vacated by President Barack Obama by a special referendum.
Their pigheaded refusal to allow the election is what led to ex-Gov. Rod
Blagojevich's laughable appointment of Roland Burris to the seat.

Stunned by Scott Lee Cohen's victory as the party's nominee for
lieutenant governor, party leaders decided something had to be done to
correct the voters' stupidity. Gov. Pat Quinn, state party chairman and
House Speaker Michael Madigan, Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill) and other
party leaders forced Cohen off the ticket and now are hunting for a new
nominee to install--without rank and file approval

Apparently, the voters' second choice for lieutenant governor isn't
good enough. That would be state Rep. Art Turner, of Chicago, endoresed
for the post by the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times. The
Tribune said
Turner has "a reputation for hard work and honesty,"
two virtues decidedly lacking in Springfield.

Sun-Times was more fulsome in its praise

"Turner has earned a reputation as a progressive, honest and
effective legislator over a nearly 30-year career in Springfield. He
represents a district covering the West Side and west suburbs. He knows
politics and policy, successfully advocating for the disadvantaged while
working his way up the Democratic leadership ladder."

So, why isn't he good enough to be the party's lieutenant governor
nominee? Isn't the runner-up supposed to be available in case the winner
somehow can't or won't serve? What do you tell all those voters who
took the newspapers' advice and voted for Turner? Why are they being--as
some might say--disenfranchised?

Did I mention that Turner is black?

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  • I'm really getting tired of Chicago politics. My son took the Chicago Fire Departments physical ability test in January and failed according to CFD. He questioned his test results with Mr. Charles Stewart and was told it was "confidential". How is it possible that he can NOT get his OWN results? Oh, and did I mention that he is in top physical condition, does NOT smoke or drink and has been working out for the last 10 years for a job with CFD as a firefighter? Oh, and did I forget to mention that he is CAUCASIAN and there are 20+ other people who share a similar to my son? Yes, they too are CAUCASIAN. Here's a thought, how about hiring someone because they are simply qualified to do the job? It's so sad that Art Turner and my son Drew was never even given a chance. It's their loss.

  • If Turner is denied the opportunity to run as Lt. Governor, the democracy is challenged. Thanks for a thoughtful, balanced and fair article. The public should be allowed to vote.

  • The public should be allowed to vote, but so long as vacancies are filled by slating, there is no entitlement to the second place finisher, unless people find some way to undo the Forrest Claypool travesty. If you look at Hermene Hartman's blog, she didn't even know who Claypool was. IIRC, at least the Tribune endorsed him. (At that point the Sun-Times editorials were controlled by Radler, so they don't count, anyway).

    If you want to talk about Black Politics, why not get into Gator Bradley slinging racial epithets at two Black Women, Danny Davis's first endorsement of the preachers' calls for the Black people to stand aside for Stroger, and then endorsing the "People's Candidate, Dorothy Brown," or Jesse White endorsing Davis's opponent, who apparently was an alderman's daughter.

    For that matter, if splitting the Black vote is so egregious to the reverends, why were two candidates from the same district both running for Lt. Gov.?

    Finally, talking about disenfranchisement, didn't the Tribune do its part vis a vis those who voted for Scott Lee Cohen? This isn't Miss USA where, if Prejean shows her upper body assets, the First Runner Up can sign her contract. So, I suppose that the person who was elected isn't entitled to run in November, but Madigan's candidate, Turner, is. Like I said earlier, I'm surprised that Madigan hasn't already selected him.

    Why don't the Democrats satisfy everyone, including Brady or Dillard, and just nominate Ricky Hendon?

  • In reply to jack:


    I do know Forest Claypool, I didn't know your reference, so I beg your pardon. You are a mixed bag, mixing many political elements. You want to fight. I advocate fairness for all, most of all the voters. You are all over the place. The issue is the voters for Lt. Governor and the second runner up. Ricky Hendon got my vote and would serve very well, I think. He was the third runner up, as you may know.

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