Jobs? What jobs?

The stimulus package passed one year ago (time flies doesn't it?) was supposed to create thousands, nay, millions of jobs. We in Illinois were excitedly awaiting the money (while the pols were wetting themselves over images of money flowing in for their contracting and consulting buddies.

So, how has Illinois done? Pat Brady, Illinois Republican chairman, said not only hasn't the stimulus created jobs, but since the stimulus passed, Illinois has lost thousands. Sure, consider the source, but if you''ve got different figures, please post them.

to President Obama and Illinois Democrats one would think their
stimulus bill brought jobs to Illinois and has the economy booming as a
result. The unfortunate reality is the state lost over 143,000 jobs
since the stimulus was passed one year ago. That's 391 jobs lost each
day. Now at 11.1 percent unemployment, the Democrats' grand experiment
has failed at the expense of the hardworking people in Illinois.

have been telling their representatives that they need jobs for months,
but the Democrats didn't listen. Their solution to throw taxpayer
dollars at the problem didn't work and with the national and state
deficit both at a staggering $12 [t]rillion, Illinoisans have questions.
They want to know where the jobs are and what happened to the taxpayer
dollars that were supposed to bring them to Illinois. Most of all they
want to know what the Democrats plan to do to bring jobs to Illinois.
As Republicans we do this by providing tax relief - not piling it on,
reducing our deficit to restore confidence and limiting burdensome

Illinoisans want common-sense plans to move the economy forward - even if it means hiring new representatives come November."



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  • Well, it's funny that over seventy Republican Representatives and Senators have claimed that the very stimulus money they voted against HAS brought jobs to their districts (they love to pose with those giant phony checks, like they think they're Ed McMahon.)
    Of course, just because a Republican says something is true, doesn't make it true.

  • I think that the real question is that the only things the taxpayers of this region have seen so far are 58 CTA buses,* some concrete ties in the Dearborn subway, and loads and loads of asphalt accompanied by TIGER signs. Most of the money is supposedly for projects that only have to get done by 2012. Heck, today the Trib. reports that the CREATE money is just being announced, and no money for the Tollway I-57 interchange.

    Supposedly there is money to keep teacher jobs, but, despite the undoubted waste if the money I next propose were sent to Illinois, it would seem to at least preserve jobs if money went to the social services agencies, transit authorities, etc.

    BTW, with regard to Illinois jobs, the press seems remiss in reporting that while Quinn claims that he signed two capital bills, none of them has been bonded out, and hence, the first one, which was supposed to be for 2009 projects, did not create one job in 2009 (including in Japan and Minnesota, where the transit equipment was supposed to be built). Bruce DuMont only mentioned that in passing, and I suppose that that was because his museum is still expecting state money.

    *In fact, that was somewhat fraudulent, in that Durbin had announced other grants, and the CTA had procured the options, before the ARRA TIGER grant for those same buses was procured.

  • Well, of course, only one-third of the stimulus cash was for infrastructure. One third was for tax cuts, and one third for direct aid to the states in helping them meet their growing unemployment compensation costs and other costs that escalate during times of high unemployment.
    But, I do have breaking news! The total is now up to 111 Republican congresscritters who have all claimed to their districts and states to have brought jobs via the very stimulus money they voted against. You can read this Hall of Hypocrisy here:

  • In reply to whodathunkit:

    "One third was for tax cuts..."

    O.K., tell me if I stimulated the economy yet.

    I bought some "insulated window treatments." I was dumb enough to deal with the decorator's store in Stroger* County, instead of going to Lake, so I paid more in sales tax. There was a rebate, and along with the rebate check a letter saying that if I met 30,000 conditions, I could get an energy tax credit. It appeared that I did, so I claimed it.

    However, since I overpaid on 2009 estimated tax, and don't trust the government to send me a check, I said to apply the refund to the 2010 estimated tax.

    So, did I stimulate the economy when I bought the shades, even though that was not in reliance on the tax credit, or does that wait until I pay that much less in estimated tax on April 15, 2010, and assumedly then have the money in my pocket to spend?

    *BTW, it doesn't matter after which Stroger the county is named, just like it probably doesn't matter after which Daley the Center, College, and Park are named.

  • In reply to whodathunkit:

    Jack... I did research before quitting!

    WAC 192-150-120 Agency filings affecting this section

    Reduction in hours of twenty-five percent or more

  • In reply to whodathunkit:

    Funny how some things don't get posted!

  • In reply to whodathunkit:

    WAC 192-150-120 Agency filings affecting this section

    Reduction in hours of twenty-five percent or more

  • In reply to whodathunkit:

    Jack I did my homework before deciding to quit

  • In reply to krazyanna:

    How about finding the part of the statute that says the job loss has to be involuntary?

    In fact, I don't even find you citing a statute. It looks like you are citing state of Washington regulations. If that's the case, don't complain on an Illinois forum. Instead, if you are that proficient of a lawyer (I am only retired in Illinois, so I can't represent you), go find out what the proper administrative review body is and litigate your complaint there.

    I assure you, that if you were in Illinois, they would insist (1) that the separation was involuntary and not for cause, and (2) you document your efforts to find work, and any earnings from part time work are deducted from your benefits.

    Now, maybe in Washington state, things are different, but I doubt it.

  • In reply to krazyanna:

    But there has been jobs created.All that new plywood put up on forclosures.We all know how much of a fraud this thing is.These are all politicians,demorats as well as republicrumbs.All you Obama water carriers need to realize this.They are just politicians,they don't as well as can't create jobs.They just know how to spend OUR money.They need to stop this NOW..............

  • I am stimulized with this new "hope-E change-E" I quit my job in October since my company reduced my hours to 50%. I have been rejected unemployment 3 times yet unemployment has dropped, I wonder how many other people that qualify and are rejected like me are affected for the numbers to make "Mr. Obama" look like he's doing something. No jobs to be found, everyone I know has lost there job or is loosing there job. Oh am I stimulized!

  • In reply to krazyanna:

    Anna, since you said you quit your job, you are not eligible for unemployment. Hence, some of the problem is self induced.

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