It's Burris' seat, not Obama's


Roland Burris

News stories habitually refer to the U.S. Senate seat to be fill in the November general election as "the seat once held by President Barack Obama." Factually, that's accurate. But politically, it's a dodge.

It's Sen. Roland Burris' seat.

Why does this matter? Because it avoids reminding voters of the scandalous way that Burris "won" the seat, and if voters remember, it'll hurt the Democrats. Can't let that happen, you know.

In fact, it's the people's seat, as Sen. Scott Brown kept reminding people when the media kept referring to the Massachusetts Senate seat left vacant by the death of Ted Kennedy. If the media to assign the seat to someone as if he were the owner, then they, in fairness, ought to call it the seat held by Carole Moseley Braun, another Democratic incompetent.
After Obama moved over to the White House, even Democrats agreed that
the vacancy should be filled by a special election, as happened in
Massachusetts. But then the likes of Sen. Dick Durbin saw the light and
understood the implications of an election that Democrats likely would
loose thanks to the stink left behind by Democratic Gov. Rod
Blagojevich and the Democratic Legislature. To push though health care
legislation and the other extreme items on the Democratic agenda, the
party needed to win control of 60 Senate votes. That possibility was
endangered if Illinois voters were allowed to exercise their right to

What followed was the dishonest process--at once both
laughable and outrageous--that gave us, thanks to Illinois

Suggesting that it is Obama's seat, and not
Burris' fogs that entire episode.I'll make a bet here: The media will
continue to refer to it as the Obama seat, as if Burris never existed.


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  • Actually, if you read the law, it is Obama's seat. Burris, having never been elected, is merely a "temporary appointment."

  • It's the peoples seat and they will take it back from obama/burris.

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