Illinois' broken legislative re-mapping


Chicago-area legislative districts, reflecting how the Democrats succeeded in redrawing the map to reflect the 2000 census.

One of the main reasons for the dismal state of Illinois affairs is the way that legislative districts are drawn every ten years to conform with the new census. Virtually by a flip of the coin, one party or another gets to draw the districts, and draw they do: to favor, first, its own party candidates and, second, to give an advantage to incumbents. The results are entirely predictable: in the past 10 year, 536 incumbents have won and only 11 have lost.

Now, some reformers are proposing to change by creating a panel of equal numbers of members from the two parties. The ninth member--the tie-breaker--would have to be agreed to by both sides. It's not perfect, but surely better than the present system.
For an excellent and balanced explanation of the new proposal go to Illinois Statehouse News.


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  • Maybe or maybe not so conveniently, the map omits how they started the real travesty north of there. Gerrymandering doesn't mean much in the city, since there are basically only Democrat votes there. However, they sure figured out how to get rid of several Republican members of the General Assembly around Lake Cook Road.

    While the proposal would be better than the status quo, the only way to put any impetus under this legislature to do anything would be if the Republicans won the coin flip. Unlike the 60/40 or about makeup in the two houses, the odds on the coin flip are 50/50, unless the Dems bring a loaded coin.

    Also, instead of Roger Goodell's picture on the coin, whose would it be? An Emil Jones commemorative? Certainly, they wouldn't use an "Honest Abe" penny.

  • The best reason to support a change to how Districts are mapped is simply: The Party in power wants to leave things as is.

  • We have 2 options.Follow the way they draw their district in Iowa and Arizona or shorten the time they spend in office.We need to start our own ballot initiative to stop these pirates NOW...........someone out there must know how this can be done.Lets show these bums the door and take back our state.

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