Democrats' death wish


Alexi Giannoulias

Democratic voters, unable to pry themselves loose from bad habits, have nominated Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias to run for the Senate seat held by the party's buffoon, Roland Burris. 

Giannoulias plans to portray himself as the "outsider" in the race against Republican nominee Mark Kirk. He also plans to make ethics and jobs a part of his campaign, suggesting that he has the upper hand in all three areas over any Republican. 
To do this, he'll have to separate himself from his Democratic pals, who have presented Illinois with the most corrupt administration in Illinois history. He'll have to separate himself from the Democratic Obama administration, which plunged the country into historic levels of debt in  a futile attempt to shorten the recession. He'll have to separate himself from the name of Tony Resko, who did business with the Giannoulias family bank--the same Resko that provide a nice deal to Barck Obama. He'll have to separate himself from a party that denied voters the chance to select someone other than Burris as their senator. 
Democratic voters had a chance to make a race out of it in the general election, but rejected  former Chicago inspector general David Hoffman as their candidate. Someone would could have helped clean up the party's image. 
Instead, Republicans will have a chance to take back the Senate seat and weaken the Democratic grip on the U.S. Senate. Way to go, Chicago Dems. 


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  • You left out that he has to separate himself from his family's bank that is in trouble, and that he has to separate himself from the Brightstart manager he selected, but now claims credit for having sued and gotten back half the money.

    Of course, the most delusional was the Toddler, saying that the message was that he has to teach black men not to be taken down, although this black [I better not say it] was taken down by a black woman. Apparently, the preachers couldn't save him. However, the Tribune Editorial Board is going to have to explain why most of the county board candidates it opposed still won. I think I am still correct that those who do not pay taxes aren't concerned about those who raise them.

  • This guy is the typical Chicago insider.Right now he's swimming in the river,de Nile..

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