Trickster Durbin might fudge rules to pass health care

Tricky Dickie Durbin has been well-known to change his mind (witness his jump from being pro-life to pro-choice), so this last brain-bender shouldn't be a surprise. He said today that he's willing to go back on his word not to break legislative rules to push through Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Durbin health care.

The strategy, described by here, would deploy the "nuclear option" to get the bill through the Senate, by-passing its time-honored rule that requires 60 votes to cut off debate. If Republicans win the Massachusetts senate seat today, the reform legislation would receive only 59 votes. The procedure that Durbin would use would require only 51 votes. 
Durbin's has four more years left on his term of office, so he'll probably figure that he's safe to be the one to pull it off. Durbin going out front on this is a brazen attempt to deflect the outrage that surely would follow away from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who already faces possible defeat in November.
But some of us will be around to remind voters of what the Trickster did. 


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  • Heck, him putting the collar on Jesse White on the Burris matter was enough for me. You knew, despite what he said about Burris having to come clean before the state impeachment panel, Durbin wasn't going to do anything to lose that vote.

    Let's also consider that while Massachusetts was somewhat castigated for its legislature basically saying that the governor can appoint a replacement so long as the governor was a Democrat, at least they left it to an interim appointment, and the election is being held today. Illinois was never given that opportunity, and we know why.

    Of course, all Durbin is saying is that he is exploring different ways to use the Senate rules, none of them being entitled to much respect in my book. I remember the old days when people decried the 66 vote requirement to break a filibuster, but in those days, the senators had to stay on the floor and keep debating (or reading the phone book) until it was broken. These days, apparently 60 votes or nothing moves, unless there is no objection. No need to wear out the opposition.

  • This is another reason they all must go.We're coming for you and we are bringing our ballots.He is just a piece of dog s*#t that we need to srape off our shoes.They just don't listen................Maybe they'll start now.

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