These guys are nuts


In the face of Iran and North Korea becoming true nuclear threats, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have moved their "Doomsday Clock" one minute away from Armageddon.

In a statement, they said that "we" are about "to bend the arc of history" to reduce the world's nuclear arsenal and prevent global warming. Are these the same guys who gave out the Nobel Peace Prize?

The nuclear weapons about to be possessed by North Korea and Iran, along with their delivery systems, threaten to further destabilize two of the world's hottest spots. The possession of nuclear weapons by Iran--sponsors of terror and the repository of violent fanaticism--is a present threat to every person on Earth.

Here is the beginning of the group's ridiculous statement:


Bulletin of
the Atomic Scientists Adjusts Clock From 5 to 6 Minutes Before
Midnight; Encouraging Progress Seen Around Globe in Both Key Threat
Areas:  Nuclear Weapons and Climate Change.

CITY///January 14, 2010///Citing a more "hopeful state of world
affairs" in relation to the twin threats posed by nuclear weapons and
climate change, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) is moving
the minute hand of its famous Doomsday Clock one minute away from
midnight. It is now 6 minutes to midnight.  The decision by the BAS
Science and Security Board was made in consultation with the Bulletin's
Board of Sponsors, which includes 19 Nobel Laureates

BAS announced the Clock change today at a news conference in New York City broadcast live at
for viewing around the globe.  The new BAS Web platform allows people
in all nations to monitor and get involved in efforts to move the
Doomsday Clock farther away from midnight.

In a statement
supporting the decision to move the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock,
the BAS Board said:  "It is 6 minutes to midnight. We are poised to
bend the arc of history toward a world free of nuclear weapons.  For
the first time since atomic bombs were dropped in 1945, leaders of
nuclear weapons states are cooperating to vastly reduce their arsenals
and secure all nuclear bomb-making material.  And for the first time
ever, industrialized and developing countries alike are pledging to
limit climate-changing gas emissions that could render our planet
nearly uninhabitable.  These unprecedented steps are signs of a growing
political will to tackle the two gravest threats to civilization -- the
terror of nuclear weapons and runaway climate change."

May God save us from such wisdom.



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  • None of this seemed to make much sense, but I had first interpreted the headline to mean that the clock was at 11:59, not 11:54.

    Having overcome that, I don't see how nutcases like the ones running Iran and North Korea being closer to having the bomb makes the world any safer. The Atomic Scientists probably would move the clock forward if one of our allies bombed the Iranian installation, although it is assumed that Iran has kept it enough underground (in both senses) to make that more difficult.

  • Welp, guess we better kiss our butts goodbye. Its been a good run but civilization had to end sooner or later. I wonder what will take our place...

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