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Scott Roeder convicted of murdering abortion doctor

Good, let him rot in jail. And then burn in hell.  I’m pro-life, but this man is a murderer and was rightly convicted despite his lame defense that he was saving lives. The necessity defense was a joke to start with; it opens the door to all sorts of violence. (LA Times story is here.)

Vrdolyak probation sentence too soft, says court

Federal appeals court in Chicago calls for resentencing, saying that the probation that Vrdolyak is just a “slap on the wrist” and wouldn’t deter the former aldermen from repeating his offense. The AP story is here, in Crain’s.

Illinois is Broke

That’s the message from one of the most influential business groups in Illinois, and the warning couldn’t come soon enough. The Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago has gotten into the state budget brawl with some good analysis and an action plan. It’s new web site, lays out some dire warnings: By July,... Read more »

High-speed rail: slow and dumb

It looks nice, but… Just as polls show that Americans are increasingly worried about government living beyond its means, President Barack Obama goes and announces he’s shoveling out another $8 billion for high-speed rail that is neither high-speed nor smart. Blood-sucking politicians from Illinois wanted $4.5 billion of that, but had to settle for only... Read more »

Chicago fireworks whining

The gnashing of teeth has been heard throughout the land as Mayor Richard M. Daley announced that he was revamping the city’s fireworks display to save money. Replacing the traditional downtown fireworks display that has drawn millions with three smaller ones has drawn condemnations and even suggestions that it is racially motivated. (The latter because... Read more »

Barack, we're not as dumb as you think

In his state of the union speech last night, President Barack Obama promised to freeze discretionary spending for three years, as his way to address the huge federal deficits. Are we impressed? Not really. It’ll have barely any effect, and most Americans know that. A new Rasmussen poll finds that just a tiny sliver of... Read more »

How to become scared by nukes, again.

A big hunk of our population, mostly those under 30, have forgotten what it was like to live with the fear of nuclear annihilation. The Cold War pretty much wiped out many of those terrifying memories. But, now to worry. Maybe those days are returning, as a new spotlight has focused on the nuclear threat:... Read more »

Big bonuses for bankrupt company bosses

Oh, did I forget to mention that the bosses work for the Tribune Company? Then I won’t. The story is here.

Huge majority favors tax cut over government spending

By a roughly six-to-one margin, Americans favor cutting taxes, as opposed to increasing government spending, as a way to create jobs. The latest Rasumssen poll shows that “59% of voters nationwide believe cutting taxes is better than increasing government spending as a job-creation tool.” Remarkably, only 15 percent think that increased government spending is the... Read more »

Illinois: worst state

Compared with the 50 state, Illinois might as well be a banana republic. Illinois ranks dead last in Forbes magazine’s ranking of the financial health of the states. Worse than California, (ranks47th) whose own debt bomb is about to explode the state right into the Pacific.Worse than Michigan (39th), a state racked by the recession... Read more »
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