High-speed rail: slow and dumb


It looks nice, but...

Just as polls show that Americans are increasingly worried about government living beyond its means, President Barack Obama goes and announces he's shoveling out another $8 billion for high-speed rail that is neither high-speed nor smart.

Blood-sucking politicians from Illinois wanted $4.5 billion of that, but had to settle for only $1.23 billion, for a ridiculous plan to shuttle a few hundred passengers each day between Chicago and St. Louis, at only 30 m.p.h. faster than now.

Oh yes, starry-eyed train fans will point out that eventually the trains will reach speeds of those bullet trains in Japan and Europe, but not for years and not without tons more billions.

Mind you, this money is coming from last year's controversial stimulus package, which you'll recall was meant to jump-start America out of the recession. No way the money can be spent quickly enough to meet that definition, but never mind, we're going to spend it anyone.

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  • You have got to be kidding me,AGAIN.They can't handle Amtrak.Do we really need to get to St. Louis 1 hour faster for billions of dollars

  • The other thing that was missed in some of the stories is that the grants were (1) from Dwight to Alton, and (2) in Wisconsin. The implication I get from that is that, unlike what was implied by the maps, high speed trains won't be streaking through such places as Joliet and the southwest suburbs on the St. Louis line, nor through grade crossings in Deerfield, Northbrook, Glenview, and Morton Grove on the Milw. line. So, to combine with what waterbill said, if this even gets built, there will be at least the one hour ride to get to where the high speed tracks start, 80 miles outside of Chicago.

  • I'll never go to St.Louis is this train for the drug dealers?

  • Please do a little research into the boondoggle of ANY rail project run by any government entity around the country.Washington and Oregon have both done rail projects.These are not high speed,but the point is big mistake and a major waste of money.OUR MONEY..............

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