Garrison Keillor, profiler

Garrison Keillor, stereotypemeister, suggests that "tea partyers" are so far out of the mainstream that their "paranoid hallucinations of the right" prompts them to ignore the "great heaps of dead bodies [in Haiti that] are moved by front-end loaders and dumped, uncounted, unidentified, into openpits in a stricken
country while people feast and walk treadmills on enormous cruise ships
sailing a hundred miles off the coast en route to the Bahamas and
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Phew, you'd think that the paranoid right hasn't lifted a finger to help bring relief to Haiti.
Here he is, in the Chicago Tribune, in "Hey, tea partyers, wake up and smell the coffee," stereotyping opponents of  the Obama/Reid/Pelosi health care gargantua:

Churches that feed the hungry and house the homeless dare not offend
the conservatives in their midst by suggesting that we also tend the
sick. And the opposition has beaten on garbage cans and whooped and
yelled and alarmed the populace, which they're quite good at. These
people look at a clear blue sky and see a conspiracy.

From there, he implies that any of us who oppose the health care reform would agree with Pat Robertson's stupid remarks about how God is punishing the Haitians.

And your high school civics teacher would not have given you a high
mark for saying, as the Rev. Robertson did, that the earthquake in
Haiti was God's judgment on Vodou. God has tolerated Vodou in
Washington for years and not seen fit to shake the city yet. Priests
and mojo men dance around the Capitol every day, waving skulls on
sticks, scattering their magic powders, trying to stop progress with a
hex, and God is content to observe them. So do we coffee drinkers.
Government is in the hands of realists and in the end we shall prevail.

I don't know how Robertson, mojo men and opponents of ObamaCare all get rapped into one package; following the reasoning is mind-bending. Nothing I could see in the entire piece to challenge the substance of the arguments of ObamaCare opponents. 

Considering Scott Brown's stunning victory in Massachusetts, smelling the coffee doesn't appear to be Keillor's forte. 
By the way, you'll enjoy how Keillor thinks that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is just a sweet guy.


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  • I have an observation and thought about the current situation in Haiti.

    The earthquakes in Haiti have been devastating. For over a week we have watched the horror and misery brought by the 7.0 earthquake and aftershocks. Crumbled buildings, dead and dying bodies in the street, the misery of thirst and hunger, displacement, fear of continued destruction and medical emergencies without sufficient medical supplies and doctors. Our wallets have opened and nations of the world have scrambled to bring humanitarian aid. We rightfully feel horror, sorrow, compassion and grief for these suffering people.

    It occurred to me these images of suffering and devastation brought on by nature

  • Mr.Keillor, Your ignorance is typical of the "non-mainstream"media.We see that freedom of speech only pertains to your speech.It's good to see your true colors show...........

  • To those who believe that those who flew airplanes into buildings on our soil will ever go away,read your history.We have been called infidels for over 900 years.These people know only one thing.The strong horse.

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