Dems in full-blown panic

More personal messages from the Obama camp. This one is breathless in its panic. Democrats could lose the Massachusetts Senate seat occupied for years by Ted Kennedy. Democrats can't help themselves, calling it "Kennedy's seat."
Here's news for Democrats: It not his seat, or a Democratic seat. It's the people's seat, and they--whatever they decide--will determine who sits in it.
Here is the nasty e-mail going out to Obama minions, using the usual inflammatory language in describing her Republican opponent Scott Brown:

Dennis --

There's a crucial Senate election in Massachusetts in just three days. We need your help to win it.

The polls are tightening as right-wing money floods the state, and one
even shows the race to be a dead heat between progressive champion
Martha Coakley and her extreme opponent. The truth is, special
elections often have very low turnout and are notoriously unpredictable.

The stakes are just too high to leave Martha's victory to chance.

If we lose, Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat will be in the hands of someone who
opposes everything he fought for. We'll lose a key vote for the
President's agenda in the Senate -- and put all the progress we've made
toward health reform at risk. [Emphasis added]

There's no mention, of course, of the out-of-state help flowing in to help "Martha."

Martha continues to make an ass out of herself, referring on a talk radio show to  Curt Schilling, the great former Red Sox pitcher, as a Yankee fan. Earlier, she said pro-life Catholics probably should not work in a hospital emergency room.

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