Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel?

Rahm and the Salahis.jpg

The screen image from Michaele Salahi's Facebook page above pictured the infamous White House State Dinner "gate-crashers,'' Michaele and Tareq Salahi, posing with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (left) at the dinner in November. (AP Photo)) 

Washington Post columnist Sally Quinn brought up the possibility that Emanuel might run for Chicago mayor.  

Said Quinn:

Emanuel, the most political animal in this town, also should understand
that keeping Rogers on as social secretary reflects upon the
president's judgment. It's possible that he has other considerations.
Emanuel is said to have told people that the chief-of-staff role is an
18-month job and that he is considering a run for mayor of Chicago. And
Rogers is a major social and political player in the Windy City. 

Judging by the comments posted following the Tribune's piece on the rumor, good old Rahmie stands not chance.

Let us hope not. Otherwise, lose hope all who enter Chicago


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  • Given all the lightweights on the list of "who'll be Chicago's next mayor," Rahm is probably stronger than most.

    However, I wonder how is anticipated testimony in the trial of a certain governor and his brother is going to affect that, no less the use of the above picture.

    We thought he was running to be the next Nancy Pelosi, and the aforementioned defendant was going to help him save his congressional seat for that quest.

  • Did you really just present a list of 100ish posts, from an out-of-town newspaper, as evidence of someone's chances at an election over a year away? That would get you laughed out of an 8th grade English class.

  • I don't know Sally Quinn but this seems a bit irresponsible and an effort to steer a story rather than report one from WaPo.

  • Mayor Emmanuel would cause a lot less damage than Chief of Staff Emmanuel. I hope he runs just to get him out of the White House. He didn

  • Come on people wake up and smell the money! Or Should I say water?
    Rahm maybe more interested in power than money... maybe. And Warren Buffet maybe more interested in money than power. Hmm, really? But why did Warren Buffet buy up Koenig And Strey, and Burlington Northern? Maybe because those in the know, Like the Oracle from Omaha can see the writing on the wall... Partly because he has a hand in writing it. And it's not just BNSF, it's a lot of railways that he has been buying up huge stakes in! And the primary function of a railway is to deliver goods. Moving everything from soybeans to nuclear waste.
    And soon, if you believe in rumors, soon they'll be delivering water. Not on the rail cars themselves but on the land that the Railroads own. And not for free!
    Where is Rahm in all of this? He's in Chicago!, presiding over the world's largest water spigot and rail capital of the world. Making way for what is to come.
    Chicago is the future of a so called "green" economy. And the future is solely dependent on clean fresh water, and a plumbing system that would make the ancient Roman engineers look like they were playing with Legos.
    Just follow the money and all lines point to Chicago! Welcome home Mr Emanuel!
    Sorry Mayor Daley, but your brand of petty larceny and corruption just won't cut it the majors. Parking meters! Ha! You aint seen nothing yet!

  • Just what we need another machine pol.Flick this peice of dog feces off our shoes and vote an independent into office.There has to be someone willing to run,for all our sakes.................

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