Who, besides Daley?

With the reminder that parking meter rates will rise again, the usual calls come for Chicagoans to vote out Mayor Richard M. Daley. (See comments at the end of the Tribune daley1.jpgstory.) But who will run against him?

Asked SquintyMagoo: "And just who is this miracle candidate everyone is going to vote for
over Daley if he runs again? Maybe we could invite Detroit's former
mayor Kwame Kilpatrick here to run?"
This is a problem. Daley's opposition often has been hard to take seriously. There are the fringe candidates, there are the weak ethnic or racial candidates backed by the political profilers, there are the egotists who believe everyone is waiting for their arrival, there are the serious candidates who have no backing. And so forth.
Now is the time for the city's civic, independent and corporate leadership to start lining up credible candidates--those who are experienced, intelligent and free of the taint that surrounds the usual batch of losers and boodlers. It'll take courage, but it's our only hope.
If you've got some candidates in mind, send them in here.


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  • Next Chicago Mayor http://nextchicagomayor.uservoice.com
    Joe Lake, Bucktown

  • In reply to JoeLake:

    Other than Bozo the Clown(R) I couldn't take any (at least on the first 6 pages) seriously. I don't even think that Bill Murray, Batman, or Homer Simpson live in Chicago, or ever did. One of the nominees is barred from holding office in Illinois. I also see that the Toddler found a way to split his own vote.

    People were thinking that Senate Candidate 5 was going to take the plunge, until he proved that he didn't have the guts to take on anyone other than The Shaw Brothers and Darcel Beavers. Also, no one has heard from him since he became known as Senate Candidate 5.

    So, I tend to agree that unless something changes, or something happens like Daley abdicates and appoints Huberman, there isn't a real agent of change we can believe in and end a sentence with a preposition.

  • In reply to JoeLake:

    Dennis Byrne does not even live in the City so who cares what a white flight suburbanite thinks ?

  • In reply to dmlawyer:

    I was born, lived, educated and worked in Chicago. You?

  • In reply to DennisByrne1:

    All my life in the City, save for the 4 years in a small town for college.

    Yes, stayed in the City while others fled, instead of working for a solution, fled the problems and tossed brickbrats from the cheap seats in the burbs.

  • In reply to dmlawyer:

    Scott Waguespack.

  • In reply to dmlawyer:

    I would add to that that Daley has messed with suburanites, including having his man Kruesi campaign to raise taxes in the collar counties and suburban Cook to support the CTA, Daley reportedly charging Chicago rental car taxes in Kane County because the car could be used in Chicago, asking the state legislature to back up his Olympic guaranties, etc. Also, Daley and the candidate he endorsed in 2006, Todd Stroger, sure have done enough to discourage people from coming into Chicago to transact business and leave our tax dollars there.

    While some of the things Daley's minions have tried have turned out abortive, and people outside the city don't get a vote (although dead people in the city get several), Daley shouldn't be beyond the pale of criticism, even if he is a false icon within the city.

  • In reply to jack:

    Don't forget to mention the underfunded, cost-overrunned, under-performing, never-to-be-completed and dangerous O'Hare Airport expansion that the effected suburbs never got to vote on.

  • In reply to jack:

    I wish Chicago could grant you Chicago hater's your wish and cede from the State. This lousy state would be Iowa without the City.

  • In reply to dmlawyer:

    At least many people in the NW suburbs have been trying to secede from Cook County for 3 years now. Even some the in S suburbs.

    So, that's a fair deal. Daley quits messing with the suburbs, and expecting the Illinois legislature to have suburbanites support Chicago, and we'll quit commenting on him. You don't see people in the Chicago media commenting that much about Hammond or Gary.

    And what's so bad about Iowa?

  • In reply to dmlawyer:

    As voters in Chicago this coming primary is to ask for an independent ballot.The fact that the numbers won't be there for the Mayor should jolt atleast one brave soul to step forward.We must vote out the incumbents.........

  • In reply to waterbill:

    There is no independent ballot in the primaries. You vote only among the candidates of one of the Democratic, Republican or Green Party ballots.

    My view is to pick a party and vote for the opponents of the people I hope to knock out before it gets to the general election.

    However, waterbill, I wonder where you got your civics lesson to come to the conclusion that there was an independent ballot in a primary election?

  • In reply to jack:

    Actually, Jack, there are no primaries at all in Chicago city elections. Our elections are non-partisan and candidates must win more than half the votes or there's a run-off.

  • In reply to dmlawyer:

    All communities are at risk with these money wasters in power.They are giving away the city.We can not afford to keep them in office.The newspapers should be pounding away at these guys who have been at the trough to long.Out with all incumbents.Anyone else is better than what we have now.

  • In reply to dmlawyer:

    David Hoffman, Dan Hynes, Lisa Madigan. If Daley even runs 30% won't do it, it's over for him.

  • In reply to dude:

    Dude: I take it you are assuming that Hoffman and Hynes will lose their current elections, in which case, that doesn't make them strong candidates the next time around. Unless you are assuming that being mayor is a step up from governor or U.S. senator, but apparently not even Danny Davis believed that County Board President was a step up from congressman.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, Politicians run that's their job. Hoffman needs to get his anti corruption message out there so he is known before the mayors race.
    Hynes after losing the governors race will also jump in.

    The rest of my list in no special order: Tom Dart, Tom Allen,Toni Preckwinkle,Sandi Jackson,Pat O'Connor,Joe Moore,Bob Fioretti,Manny Flores,Brendan Reilly and Luis Gutierrez.

  • In reply to dude:

    It is ironic that fighting corruption and political cronyism is Hoffman's main platform in his bid for the senate. If he were to win and become Senator, it is hard to imagine how he could do much to affect corruption in Illinois or Chicago, even if he wanted to.

    What can federal senators realistically hope to do about Illinois and Chicago based corruption? Hoffman would have to wait to be become senior senator before he would even have a say in who gets appointed US Attorney.

    Fighting corruption is the job of those who actually have jurisdiction to do it, such as IGs, AG, State's Attorneys, US Attorneys, etc. If Hoffman wanted to effectively fight corruption, he should have sought election or appointment to one of those positions.

    Since it has widely been reported that Hoffman planned to run for Attorney General before Lisa Madigan decided not to run for Senator or Governor, we should all view Hoffman's senate bid, at least in part, as a deference to politics as usual.

    He chose not to challenge the Madigan family, the most powerful intact political family institution left in the state, for the AG position, a position where he actually would have had the power and the mandate to fight corruption.

    Instead, Hoffman seeks a high federal office, and we must not believe that fighting corruption in Illinois and Chicago is his goal. Instead, fighting low level corruption as Chicago IG was how he made his name, and he is cashing in on that recent press to run (actually try to buy with his Daddy's Geico insurance millions) for the Senate.

    His ambition is what is at stake here. That is why nobody knows his other platforms yet. He doesn't have any.

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