Quinn's prison folly


The man who did this got any early release from prison from Gov. Quinn. After his release he was soon arrested for threatening to do the same in the same spot to another couple. The attack victim, Jennifer Hall said, "I woke up bald -- no teeth, 85 staples in my head -- out of a drug-induced coma." (Photo courtesy Jennifer Hall)

Here are the details of the Gov. Pat Quinn's dumbfoundingly stupid and dangerous prisoner release program. We have the Associated Press to thank for breaking this story, more evidence of the necessity of the "old media." Congratulations, AP.
Among those released, the AP said, were:

- Derrick King, 48, who was released Oct. 20 after serving about a year in Cook County Jail and 14 days at Stateville of a three-year sentence for robbery. The day after his release, he was arrested for assault, then returned to prison.

- Alfred Wooten, 40, who spent 13 days in Stateville prison before his release Oct. 15 from a one-year sentence for retail theft. Chicago police arrested him Nov. 17 for criminal trespass, then arrested him again Dec. 2 for domestic battery. His parole was then revoked.

- Quince Campbell, 25, who was sentenced to three years in prison for weapons violations. He was in Cook County Jail for about a year, released from Stateville Sept. 17 after 13 days, and arrested again Nov. 4 for having a .22 caliber revolver and ammunition.

- Joshua Paddock, 21, who was sentenced to four years in early 2008 for aggravated battery. Lake County Jail held him about 18 months, he left Stateville Nov. 6 after 14 days, and was arrested later that month for driving without a license. But Corrections did not revoke his parole until after he was arrested Dec. 12 on four charges of domestic battery.

The Tribune tells one story of how Quinn's blunder played out.
How can anyone vote for this fool in the Democratic primary?


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  • Quinn showed his true stripes by first pinning it on his director of corrections, who said it was a budget matter, before this came out and Quinn apparently admitted a "mistake." Another profile in "leadership."

  • I just loved how Quinn tried to pin the "idea" on someone else. Quinn is really showing his true colors and isn't fooling anyone. It probably cost the state many times more money than they "saved" by having to re-arrest all the criminals that they released and went out and committed other crimes. What a joke!! Quinn is the Joke!!

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