Health care reform even more unpopular now

It must be because more people are finding out what's in it. It takes a lot of nerve for Obama and Democrats to push forward with this in the face of growing opposition. 
The new poll is here.


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  • I wonder if Lieberman is the pivotal vote. There are other reports that some senators want the public option or else, but since one of them is the Extremely Honorable Roland Burris, the distinguished Senator from the Great State of Blagojevich, he will do what the leadership tells him to do.

  • Putting aside for a moment the well-known conservative bias of Rasumussen polls (which I suspect is why they are just about the only polls you ever cite here), my guess is that the drop in support for health care reform is the result of liberals starting to pull back.

    Liberals have finally woken up to the fact that the Dems will cave on almost every major provision in the mistaken belief that some Republicans will support the bill. But as we've seen (Joe Lieberman being the most egregious example) each Dem compromise is met with a new demand, but no compromise from the other side.

    Liberals are opposing the bill because of what's NOT in it, and are beginning to speak out, loudly.

    No public option, no lifting of the ban on drug re-importation,
    no abortion coverage, no removal of lifetime caps on coverage, no prohibition against insurance companies refusing coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, no removal of ban on the federal government negotiating lower drug prices, no coverage for end-of-life counseling, etc, etc, etc.

    Sadly, I suspect that more will be missing by Friday, and support will continue to drop.

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