Climate Skeptic's Notebook II

Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal nails it with his analysis of the dogmatic environmentalists that have gathered in Hopenhagen.


Environmentalists doing the wave in Copenhagen. Just kidding. But the like-mindedness of the climate change delegates sure has the feel of a wave.

Here's a partial rundown of some of the ills seriously attributed to
climate change: prostitution in the Philippines (along with greater
rates of HIV infection); higher suicide rates in Italy; the 1993 "Black
Hawk Down" battle in Somalia; an increase in strokes and heart disease
in China; wars in the Middle East; a larger pool of potential recruits
to terrorism; harm to indigenous peoples and "biocultural diversity."

Stephens' insightful column examines the "revolutionary fervor" and other characteristics of the absolutism that marks this and other "movements."

Also be sure to read why Climategate is important, here.


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  • Bret Stephens makes some very good points. There's a classic book called "The True Believer," by Eric Hoffer, that delves into the psychology of these rabid types of followers even more deeply. Recommended reading.

  • All I know is that this was supposed to be an el Nino year with a mild winter, but it is currently 0 out there.

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