Blockheads in Rosemont

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Samantha Tumpach (right) leaves court after charges against her were dropped. (Brett Nada for the Tribune)

Samantha Tumpach, 22, was videotaping the festivities at her sister's party in Rosemont's Muvico Theater, when the law descended on her. The theater called in Rosemont police after she had taped for a few moments the movie that was on the screen, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon." She was charged with a felony, criminal use of a motion picture exhibition, hauled off to spend two nights in jail, and, if convicted, could spend up to three years in prison. (Story is here.)

Finally, the Cook County state's attorney's office wisely decided to drop the charges against her because the movie's studio refused to press charges. Clearly, her intent was not video piracy.
The moral of the story? Don't bring your digital camera if you're going to the Muvico theater in Rosemont. Better yet, don't go to the Muvico Theater in Rosemont. But do go see the movie, because the studio wouldn't go along with the Muvico lunacy.

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  • 1. There have been TV documentaries on how the movie theaters are combatting piracy by installing devices that detect people using camera devices. So, she got caught.

    2. At the least it sounds like by, in the manner she was holding the party in the theater, she should have been charged with disorderly conduct. I guess the two days of pretrial detention was sufficient punishment for that, though.

    So, folks, exercise some brains and don't take a camera phone into a theater or a locker room, and if you are Vanessa Hudgens, don't use it to take a nude picture of yourself that your then boyfriend posts on the Internet. It's just common sense, generation Y.

  • Best advice when driving thru Rosemont don't Stop.

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