Andy Martin, on the loose again


Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona, until he turned the name into a liability and morphed into  Andy Martin, is at it again. This time he has run a radio ad quoting a couple of folks suggesting that U.S. Republican senate candidate Mark Kirk is homosexual, or at least

Andy Martin. Candidate again surrounds himself with homosexuals. (A transcript is here.) The ad is based on hearsay and could be--not that I'm saying that it is--libelous, if Kirk were not a public figure.

Martin-Trigona, I mean Andy of the Common Man, is an inveterate public office seeker and habitual suer.  He sounds like a rational candidate (His responses to the Tribune editorial board are here. His website is here.). 
But I hear that he's a jerk, and has surrounded himself with jerks. Now, that's only what some people are saying, and who am I to make such a charge? If someone thinks he's a jerk, it's incumbent on the accuser to come up with the facts. I certainly wouldn't know myself if he is a jerk, even though his anti-Kirk ad makes him look like a jerk. But it comes down to this: Good ol' Andy has never denied that he is a jerk. Republicans deserve to know the facts. 


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  • I was shocked to see that Anthony Martin-Trigona has resurfaced in Chicago, where it appears he gets all the attention we never had time to give him in New Haven, Connecticut. This individual wasted the Federal Court's time on many occasions by his endless groundless case filings and by the time I joined the court staff in 1992, Trigona-Martin had been formally forbidden to file further cases. It takes a lot of abuse of the system to push the court to that point, and usually involves harassment and threats. So, you don't need to waver further in your judgment: the man having changed his name and lit out for the territory as it were, is still a jerk.

  • I have to agree with the conclusion that this Anthony Martin-Trigona aka Andy Martin is a jerk. I don't really know much about him, but that characterization would certainly apply to someone who thinks, in the absence of some suggestion of hypocrisy, that it matters whether someone is gay or not.

    What I don't understand is why someone would think it could be libelous to accuse someone of being gay.

  • You can certainly Google his names to find out his history. If you have access to Lexis or Westlaw (and I'm sure the Tribune can cough up for one or the other) you can search for his name in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals databases and see how many courts have sanctioned him.

    Or, you can just read Chicago Breaking News from yesterday.

  • Here are some entertaining videos of the JERK, Andy Martin. I have to tell you that I have had the dis-pleasure of dealing with him and he is 100% idiot. I'm actually fighting a lawsuit he brought against me and several others. The videos below are of him going to jail and a mock of him and his current campaign against President Obama.

  • Thanks Jack and Maryland for the information about Andy Martin, although I never really questioned whether the characterization of him as a "jerk" was accurate.

    I'm still wondering why it would be considered potentially libelous if he accused someone of being gay. If Mr. Bryne won't explain why he speculated about that, perhaps someone else can.

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