A company promise made good

When it has become a popular pastime to smack business for all their bad deeds, here's a company that needs to be commended. As reported by the Tribune:

A year ago, Acco Brands Corp. started cutting employee pay in a bid to
stem the flow of red ink and avoid mass layoffs at the supplier of
office products.

The job cuts came anyway. But in late October the company reported its first profitable quarter in two years.

So on Thursday, the Lincolnshire-based company will begin making good on its promise to pay back employees, four months ahead of schedule.

Cynics may call this a PR stunt, but I think praise should be given where praise is due. Acco is one of the nation's biggest suppliers of office products, such as Swingline staplers and Day-Timer planners. Next time in the stationary store, pick one up. The company's web site is here.


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  • The company kept a promise it made to its employees. While that's certainly worth noting, I'm not sure why keeping one's word is commendable.

    If there hadn't been a promise to repay reduced wages that would be a different matter.

    But it's certainly a sad statement about the way big business operates today if merely fulfilling a commitment made to their employees is considered praiseworthy.

  • In reply to EdNickow:

    That was carelessly stated - I should have used "praiseworthy" in the first paragraph as well as the last.

    Of course, honesty is commendable.

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