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Sit there like Puddy

The latest rules for flying brought on by the botched Christmas terrorist who tried to blow up an international flight to Detroit reminded me of a Seinfeld episode. The new rules require all passengers to stay in their seats for the hour before landing and not have anything on their laps. Switch now to the... Read more »

Who, besides Daley?

With the reminder that parking meter rates will rise again, the usual calls come for Chicagoans to vote out Mayor Richard M. Daley. (See comments at the end of the Tribune story.) But who will run against him? Asked SquintyMagoo: “And just who is this miracle candidate everyone is going to vote for over Daley if he... Read more »

Quinn's prison folly

The man who did this got any early release from prison from Gov. Quinn. After his release he was soon arrested for threatening to do the same in the same spot to another couple. The attack victim, Jennifer Hall said, “I woke up bald — no teeth, 85 staples in my head — out of... Read more »

New Year's Eve blue moon

Blue moon over Manhattan I admit it, I also thought it had something to do with the moon turning blue. That’s not even close. Here’s an explanation of the expression “blue moon” and why it happens on New Year’s eve: LOS ANGELES (AP) — Once in a blue moon there is one on New Year’s... Read more »

Smile, you're on a full body scan

Are you ready to show off your body like these models (below)?  The body scan machines, which reveal you in foggy sans-clothes portraiture, are coming to O’Hare Airport in the hope they will intercept terrorists from sneaking weapons and explosives aboard your airline flight. Authorities speculate that if the body scanners were in use at Amsterdam’s Schiphol... Read more »

Shut down the St. Lawrence Seaway

Now that Minnesota has joined Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania in a war on the Illinois shipping industry, I am reminded of the perils of the round goby. The what? The round goby is a bug-eyed fish of prey that entered the Great Lakes in the ballast tanks of ocean freighters two decades ago and now is multiplying... Read more »

Durbin fails Illinois

Where’s Sen. Dick Durbin when you need him? While other senators were making gravy for their states in exchange for supporting health care legislation, Durbin parlayed his job as Democratic whip, the second most powerful party job in the Senate, into, well, nothing for his home state of Illinois. By providing the necessary 60th vote... Read more »

Obama's corruption of civil rights law

In the Obama administration, try to apply the civil rights laws equally and you’re gone. That was the experience of the justice department attorney who pressed charges against a group of Black Panthers that were intimidating voters in a Pennsylvania polling place. (Story is here.) Christopher Coates, the department’s veteran voting rights section chief, has... Read more »

Alexi Giannoulias' lost Illinois millions

Democrat Alexi Giannoulias somehow got elected Illinois Treasurer. Now he’s running for Roland Burris’ senate seat and somehow his polling numbers are strong. Not that I pay all that much attention, but where did he come from? Now comes a piece in the Chicago Daily Observer by veteran political operative Don Rose that discloses some... Read more »

Andy Martin, on the loose again

Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona, until he turned the name into a liability and morphed into  Andy Martin, is at it again. This time he has run a radio ad quoting a couple of folks suggesting that U.S. Republican senate candidate Mark Kirk is homosexual, or at least Andy Martin. Candidate again surrounds himself with homosexuals. (A transcript... Read more »
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