Send the Salahis to Gitmo

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Michaele and Tarek Salahi

UPDATE: Some publicity-hunting congressman is planning a congressional committee hearing on how the jackasses sunk into the White House. Don't do it, please. There are other ways to find out how they did than putting them in the spotlight again.

Now comes word that the couple that crashed the White House state dinner are peddling their story for the mid-six figures.The media say they don't pay for news, but this will be their big test. Will they show some professionalism and tell them no?

Tell them to go directly to jail, do not pass go and do not collect your $500,000.

As astonishing as the break-down in White House security was, the public's (and media's) fascination with this couple is troubling. What they did was wrong and we're supposed to reward them with our interest and money?

If they have to go on a reality show, put them on one with Rod Blagojevich, where they can compete for the biggest jackass of the year contest.


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  • agreed. i don't want to hear any more about these jackasses.

  • I disagree. Who says what they did was wrong? They crashed a party. The president's party no less. While I don't think they should be praised per se, I think the secret service should at least interview them to discover their methods for pulling such a stunt. It should be used more as a learning tool than anything else. Plus I think it would be kind of cool to see what these people have to say about what they did. I want to know how they got past security.

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