Obama's Whine House*

President Barack Obama's threadbare attacks on anyone who has the audacity to disagree with him continue to the point of weariness.

Here is a Politico story about how partisan Democrats took to the woodshed a fellow party member who dares work for FOX News:


Bob Beckel: A Democratic apostate?

Democratic pundit Bob Beckel has been under contract with Fox News for six years. And in the midst of the White House war against the cable network, some of his liberal friends think that's six years too many.

They invited him to lunch the other day for an intervention: Why is
Beckel -- a true-blue Democrat who worked for Robert F. Kennedy and ran
Walter Mondale's 1984 presidential campaign -- giving comfort to the

Beckel's response: "I talk to more persuadable voters in a month than anybody on MSNBC and CNN talks to in a year." 

Meanwhile, National Public Radio, the exemplar of all things liberal got its bullocks handed to it when it asked its listeners if they sided with the White House with its war on FOX News. Here are the results: 

Of 1.1 million votes cast, fully 81 percent, or 974,072 listeners said they sided with Fox News. Can you image how flummoxed NPR liberals were to find out that four out of five of their listeners took FOX News' side against their favorite president?

No doubt they now regret taking the poll in the first place. Serves them right. The poll itself is an insult to free speech, especially the highest form of constitutionally protected speech: the right to disagree with the government. Just taking seriously the thought that a presidential administration--any presidential administration--should  crack down on a free press is not something that the tax-supported NPR should be entertaining.It just shows how far liberals like Obama and NPR have departed from truly liberal principles.

* Hat tip for Whine House goes to  judith kreiger (ocdquilter) 


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  • There really should be a recall of obama before we are all out of work.

  • Dennis,

    I don't watch much TV news on any station so I've never seen Bob Beckel in action.

    But I am enjoying reading Robert Reich's blog for a liberal Democrat's viewpoint that doesn't fawn over President Obama. Robert Reich is worth reading.

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