Obama's next bow


You had to wonder which royalty that President Barack Obama would bow to after he dipped a deep one before Japan's Emperor Akihito. This after Obama bowed from the waist in a visit to the Saudi king.

Naturally, someone in the Washington Post said it was no big deal; just being respectful of the Japanese culture, although, as noted, one doesn't bow and shake at the same time.

Maybe a handshake alone would do for the next potentate the President of the United States meets.

I'd credit the creator of the graphic, if I knew who he is. Feel free to post a credit. Thanks.


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  • Perhaps you'd prefer
    A little kiss on the lips
    And some hand holding?


  • Dennis, is that you to the left of the King?

  • In reply to mo51:

    Dennis isn't to the left of anyone.

  • Whoa...! Dennis you're losing it. Big time. I thought you several notches above the Becks and Coulters, but maybe not. Can we at least use our website weaponry for serious issues?? Bows and handshakes and other minutia are NOT what counts in these dicey times. To put it another way, lets keep our eye on the donut, not the hole....

  • In reply to jackspatafora:

    The next picture will be at Dunkin Donuts, where 5 holes are on the dollar menu.

  • In reply to jackspatafora:

    Steady, guys...! Life and government and politics are not determined by trivia like bows and handshakes. For those who would invest so much of their time and energy to these matters, better to examine the POLICIES not the PLEASANTRIES. No president starting with Washington ever escaped this sort of haranguing, but what counts in the end is where the policies have taken us. Granted Obama's tactical errors along the way, his overall strategy still makes great sense to me -- a secure but fair economy at home and a strong but reasoned role abroad. You play the cards you're dealt,but then wait till the chips are in to determine the winner!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to jackspatafora:

    Obama has no idea what he is doing. He is a puppet to congress. He cant even write his own speeches. I feel really bad for the African Americans of my country because he is giving then a horrible name for the next time one becomes president. i am not racist, i have many friends that are black. Obama is just an idiot

  • Burger King is Too big to Fail..???

  • Don't forget that Charlie Crist accepted a HUG from the Mighty One and look at the deep doo-doo he is in.

    Keep smiling!

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