FAA zaps soundproofing for O'Hare area high school

Here's one more reason that everyone should just be thrilled--thrilled, thrilled, I say--by Mayor Richard Daley's O'Hare Airport Expansion. The Federal Aviation Administration now says that it would not provide soundproofing money for the Elk Grove Village High School. According to the Daily Herald:

Township High School District 214 officials say they
will appeal a Federal Aviation Administration decision not to grant
funding for soundproofing Elk Grove High School to buffer against
aircraft noise

District 214 officials recently accused the FAA of
reneging on a promise to provide more than $10 million to soundproof
the school as part of the O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission's
insulation program.

Gee, the FAA says, we never said we would, and now the O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission, which is supposed to make sure that things like schools get the soundproofing protection they need from O'Hare expansion, knows what it feels like to get kicked in the teeth by the Chicago/FAA/big business consortium that pushed for the expansion.

The commission got in bed with Daley years ago, despite warnings from O'Hare expansion opponents that they would regret the decision, and now they do. Good luck with your appeal, chumps.


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  • Well; that's understandable. EGV HS is only about 10 miles west of the airfield. If anyone has a beef, it ought to be the Hispanic's who are predominant residents of Bensenville just to the west of Runway 9-R/27-L threshold. That runway is used 24-7 in good and bad weather; to think that folks in Park Ridge complain about the new runway on the north side of the field. Try living in Bensenville and be subjected to constant noise from both takeoff's and landing's; not just landings for a few hours a day. If I lived in Bensenville, I would have had my representatives allege disparate impact and discrimination against the O'Hare Modernization Project. It sure seems like racial discrimination.

  • Get ready Bensenville, heres a perfect example of why past village president Geils refused roll over for expansion. Does anyone really think you'll get 16 million and aid for economic development from Chicago in return for lowering your sabres? Broken promises is the Chicago way, no, make that the Daley way. Doubt me?, read the book American Pharaoh and specifically the section concerning "old man" Daleys broken promise concerning anexation and the suburbs during the initial Ohare expansion back in the 50's.
    As far as a racist thing, black, white, red or yellow, just dont stand in daleys way.

  • OK, OK, I hear you. But I've lived under a flight pattern for most of our 42 years in Park Ridge. I've learned to live with it cosnidering there is another side to the story. More local revenues for the merchants...higher home values because of prime location...handy access to air travel. I know I'm supposed to despise Daley and the FAA as forces of evil...but they ARE addressing vast even international concerns here. Not every bitching homeowners has the endless right to fight fate.

  • Correction on comment needed. Runway 9 Right does not fly over any Hispanics right away,or anyone for that matter. Recently I drove either side of Thorndale all the way up to Rohlwing from York. No permanent residents for almost a mile either way-just warehouses, offices, and light industry - Bensenville industrial park on the south and Centex industrial village on the north-fully 6 miles from the end of 9 Right when it gets extended, or almost 7 miles from its current end. By that time, takeoffs are up 3,000 feet. It's the least noise-intrusive runway into and out of the airport. It should be used whenever the wind permits. It used to be used a lot more. It's true 10 Left is a lot longer now that it has been extended, but 27 Left/9 Right can handle anything flying, except for the A380. Regarding Bensenville, I think the commentor meant current runway 10 (to be renamed 10 Left when the Montrose runway 28 Center gets built in 2011). 10 Left flies over Bensenville via Lawrence. 9 Left flies over EGV via Pratt. 9 Right is between them. The Thorndale corridor under 9 Right is being further developed for airport-compatible uses-i.e., no people living there when the Elgin-O'hare Xway gets extended to York. Both Bensenville and EGV should insist on 9 Right being used more. For a complete runway numbering scheme for O'Hare, see www.oharenoise.org.

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