Voters trust GOP more than Democrats

In a startling comeback--but one that you won't hear much about on the network news--Republicans now have the trust of more voters on key issues. Here is the Rasmussen Report:


Who do you trust now?

For the first time in recent years, voters trust Republicans more than
Democrats on all 10 key electoral issues regularly tracked by Rasmussen
Reports. The GOP holds double-digit advantages on five of them.

Republicans have nearly doubled their lead over Democrats
on economic issues to 49% to 35%, after leading by eight points in

The GOP also holds a 54% to 31% advantage on national security issues and a 50% to 31% lead on the handling of the war in Iraq.

With the Emanuel/Axelrod/Obama administration setting policy by the poll numbers when they favored them, you have to wonder what they'll do now.


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  • Good, glad to know you completely trust polls.

    The GOP hasn't been this unpopular in 25 years/.

    "The Republican Party's favorable rating among Americans is at lowest level in at least a decade, according to a new national poll.

    Thirty-six percent of people questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Friday say they have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party, with 54 percent viewing the GOP negatively.

    According to the poll, 53 percent have a positive opinion of the Democratic Party, with 41 percent holding an unfavorable view. The survey indicates that favorable ratings for the Democrats have dropped 5 points since February, with the Republican number slipping 3 points."

  • In reply to JimmyGreenfield:

    I think the key point that explains this discrepancy is noted in the Rasmussen report:
    "73% of GOP voters nationwide think Republicans in Congress have lost touch with their voting base."

    So despite having political leanings in support of the Republican platform, they do not approve of the current members of the party.

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