Trib, Sun-Times circulation drop


With this kind of serious and continuing plunge in circulation, isn't it time that newspapers stop giving away their product for free? Yes, I know, this isn't what ChicagoNow is about, and it wouldn't be good news for us bloggers who depend mightily on newspaper resources to carry on our jabbering. But maybe newspapers should consider starting to wean their readers off the free ride. Maybe charge a small fee to start for access, or for premium content. Yes, newspapers willl lose the moochers, but it would lead to a more definable readership that advertisers will find more attractive. 


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  • There is are rumors that this is going to happen. As a subscriber to three newspapers (Trib, WSJ and NYT), I much much prefer the printed page. I received a survey from the NYT a few months ago asking if I would pay for internet access to their site and I said "NO". In fact, I got so steamed up that I said that not only would I not pay but would probably cancel my print subscription as well. (Not really true - it was an idle threat.)

    On the other hand.....if the Trib could get money for site use, maybe they could make it better and easier to use. It's fast, but that's about all.

    To end on a positive note, I believe that the print Trib is getting better. Things seemed to have settled down in recent months, especially with the Sunday paper.

  • No one yet seems to have the answer...everyone tho is searching... the biggest edge the papers have is their investigative reporting teams re: local news and issues...without that, the entire concept of the free press starts to erode...the medium may be the message, but this message is still in search of the right medium.

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