Tax Breaks for Pets?

Can anyone be so daft as  to suggest that giving tax breaks to pet owners is a good idea? Essentially, this would amount to a subsidy provided by all other taxpayers for someone to a cat or dog. Or some other kind of domestic pet, let your mind run wild.

But sure enough. A new poll finds that one in four Americans would favor a tax


A tax deduction?

break for pet owners. Twenty-five percent isn't all that many, but the idea that anyone, or even one percent or five percent would favor a tax break makes my head spin.

Think I'm kidding. The HAPPY (Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years) Act was introduced in Congress earlier this year and has the support of those animals-are-more-important-than-people eccentrics. Thankfully, 71 percent oppose the plan.

Who favors the plan? The usual suspects, and women do more than men. But here's an interesting statistic that may explain some of the loopy things that are going on in Washington:

Democrats are more than twice as likely to favor the pet-care tax deduction than Republicans.

For a parody about what the tax return would look ike  if pet expenses were deductible, visit here.



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  • this legislation passing would be an epic win for those of us who eat dog food for most of our meals.

  • Next time you come over I'm going to have Lobo bite you on the rear end! I expect that there will be also be a tax deduction for bloggers based on the number of responses to entries.

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