One of the hallmarks of the discredited Nixon administration was an "enemies list" of people who opposed the president. Now, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), who served for a while as a West Wing aide in


Shades of the Trickster?

the Nixon White House said he fears that he's seeing signs of the Obama administration doing the same thing.

The story (here) is a compendium of people and companies that have dared to challenge the Obama administration on its policies.

I suppose some people might be surprised at this, but they should have listened to Chicago journalists who warned that this kind of thing wouldn't be unusual for someone who cut his political teeth with the Chicago Democratic machine.

Adviser Chuck Colson compiled the enemies list for Nixon. Who should be surprised if Rahm Emanuel, the hardball chief of staff, is compiling such a list for Obama.


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  • The Buchannan quote obviously is in reference to the different circumstances under which the two presidents came into office vis-a-vis their allies in the political/media establishments. I'm not defending Nixon, having been as glad as anyone to see him resign. But it is the same kind of paranoid mindset that seems to infect the Obama White House, especially in one Rahm Emanuel, who is the essence of Chicago's get-even, screw-your-enemies form of politics.

  • When this is all through, the pathetic, weak and indecisive Obama administration will make Nixon's attacks on the media look like the student government president boycotting interviews with the high school newspaper.

    This administration is so petty and bumbling, they obviously can't win their arguments in the marketplace of ideas, they need to do all they can to shut down anyone asking legitimate questions or posing any form of dissent.

    Wow. I never thought Jimmy Carter has ever looked so good before now.

    This administration, promising to unite all of us, is the most divisive one in a few hundred years. And for sure, the biggest bunch of crybabies EVER!

  • Like Nixon, obama should resign asap.

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