Moronic California newspaper: Don't give the Olympics to Chicago

If you have any pride in Chicago (whether or not you oppose the Olympics here), you have to read this goofy editorial from a California newspaper opposing Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid. Blogger Jim Bowman spotted this anti-Chicago rant, and it is really worth reading. Said Jim in his opening shot:

Monterey County Herald?  Are you kidding?  Why on earth would this hayseed resort county with it's oh-so-wonderful climate
-- average temps 48 to 65, average snowfall .01 inches -- talk this way
about the Second City?  Obviously, because its residents are eaten up
with envy.  Look at the dumb argument this newspaper makes.

Jim is just warming up; it's really worth a read. Here's the link again.


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  • 1. Based on the first link, are you on the Billy Dec bandwagon to "email, phone, facebook, twitter, chatboard" everyone on how worked up Billy Dec is to get the Olympics? If so, you ought to comment on his blog, as NO ONE ELSE DOES.

    2. Also, you never provide a direct link to the Monterrey County paper. From what the blog says about it, Monterrey County seems to have Chicago politics figured out. After all, which state has had its past two Governors indicted? Or four of its last six?

    3. I'll let Conan O'Brien have his feud with Newark's mayor.

  • In reply to jack:

    1. Billy who?
    2. The link is on Jim's blog. Figured if you could get there, you'd find the link.
    3. Don't watch that twit, Conan O'Brien. What's he got against Newark's mayor?

  • In reply to DennisByrne1:

    1. The link under Chicago's 2016 Olympic Bid landed on the "2016 or Bust" blog. At the top of that blog this morning was "Chicago 2016 Olympics w/ Comedian & Actor Dan Aykroyd, by Billy Dec."

    Also, Billy Dec has his own Chicago Now blog, entitled "A Chicago Thing," consisting basically of "I interviewed _____ who supports the Olympics," and on each post says to "email, phone, facebook, twitter, chatboard" the embedded video. I only saw that blog because it was featured on's home page.

    3. Jim included the quote from the Monterrey paper: "Combine Olympic-size crowds and Chicago-style performance and the city will have about as much appeal as a rainy night in Newark." As far as the Conan feud, Conan had a joke that Newark could improve public health by giving out free one-way bus tickets from Newark. Newark's mayor responded with a YouTube, basically saying that Conan was barred from Newark Airport. Conan responded with a video of the highlights of Newark, including its cuisine (a Dunkin Donuts), art (a graffiti sprayed wall), hotel accommodations (a lineup of junk cars), etc. But the impetus of my Newark comment was the blog quote, above.

    I now have to go watch Conan.

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