Jon Stewart = Jerk

This video has been circulating on the liberal blogosphere, as supposed evidence that conservatives, such as Bill Kristol, don't really know what they're talking about when they oppose a health care "public option." Stewart thinks that he has scored big points by getting Kistol to "admit" that the military health plan could be better than private insurance plans.

Some points to be made:

  • The military has about 1.4 million active duty members. Say
    there's one or two dependents for each member that are covered under
    the plan. That's, let's say roughly, 3 million to 5 million, people
    under the military health care system. Obama and his Democratic
    dreamers want to put more than 300-million (and growing quickly)
    Americans into the system. The comparison is simpleminded at best,
    dishonest otherwise.
  • Jon, have you ever been in the military? I didn't think so.  I
    have, and I can testify that some of the health care that members and
    their families receive is good, and others not so good. The best
    military health care is provided to wounded members; great strides
    especially have been made in mending head wounds. But as far as
    day-to-day services of the kind that American civilians receive, I'd
    like to see the data that says that military health care is so much
    superior to the private sector.
  • If you want to pick a public health care system to compare the
    private sector with, why not choose the Veterans Administration. Jon,
    have you already forgotten that a Pulitzer Prize was awarded to a
    Washington Post reporter who turned up unacceptable conditions in
    Walter Reed medical center. To refresh your memory you might want to
    check out this:
  • Jeez, Jon, what a great format you've got for embarrassing and
    cornering your guests. In front of an audience of like-minded
    simpletons, you look good.


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  • I think their all idiots. I dont see how more government control and interference is ever really a good idea. I also havent heard to many people in the military boasting on what great healtcare is provided to them.

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