Jerks in the Letterman audience

Or Where is the EEOC now?

The only jerks bigger than David Letterman for cheating on his wife were the jerks in the studio audience who thought his jokes about his affairs were hilarious.

Sure, Letterman has apologized, a couple of times now, but that doesn't take away the stupidity of making a joke out of the affair(s). Having sex with (presumably) a subordinate at work--as we have been reminded again and again by feminists--is a violation of the spirit, if not the letter, of the law.

So, the important question now is: Where the hell is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)? It will spring on an company where "sexually offensive" writing appears on a bathroom stall wall (remember Mitsubishi Motors in Normal, Ill.?) but does it have the guts to take on a big Hollywood celebrity?

Or will it laugh it up just like the other jerks in the audience?


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  • Phase 1) self-deprecating monolog. Phase 2) sob on Oprah. Phase 3) pithy insult on Dennis Byrne's Barbershop.

  • In response to another Chicago Now blogger on how hilarious Letterman's explanation of the extortion attempt was, I said there was nothing humorous about sexual harassment nor extortion. Some other poster then called me a douche. So, I suppose that neither CBS nor Letterman understand the seriousness of the situation, nor do the commenters holding beer mugs in pictures in their profiles, who apparently are Letterman's fans and lamenting that unlike their hero, Dave, they don't have the authority to abuse to make it with Stephanie.

    To get serious, the Tribune (at least its home web page) is playing both sides...the continual stories about how Letterman's ratings are soaring as a result of this, and the occasional article on how this is classical sexual harassment, or how can he laugh about it with Steve Martin and Martin Short, while facing his wife and staff.

    There has still been little written about the ethics of 48 Hours producers.

  • It's no wonder our culture continues to steer wrecklessly down the road of potholes and loose gravel. Come on people! How in the hell can anyone think this behavior and public display of indescency is funny? One of our country's tragedies is the inability to think... along with simply giving ever effort to do the right thing. I've made my mistakes in life like many. But I painfully regret them and certainly find absolutey no humor in them. For Letterman to display this sort of humor is beyond me.

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