Columbus Bashing, again


Christopher Columbus: A mean, mean man.

Columbus Day, still a national holiday, increasingly has become an occasion for raking the explorer over the coals.

This story, for example, focused on teaching kindergarten children that he was a "very, very mean man." This, the story says, is giving kids a more "nuanced" view of the man.

The same story found a Pennsylvania teacher who had his class dress up as characters from
the era, assigned roles for a mock trial and put Columbus on the stand.
Out of a jury of 12 students, nine found him guilty of the charges.

And now, a new poll that shows one out of four Americans would just as soon dump Columbus Day. Said the Rasmussen poll:

Intrepid explorer who discovered America or merciless oppressor of the
native peoples who already lived here? Some historians paint a darker
picture of Christopher Columbus these days, and nearly a quarter (24%) of adults now don't think America should honor him with a national holiday.

there is one happy note in the survey. Despite the best efforts of
ideologue kindergarten teachers, not as many young people as you might
expect are buying into the propaganda campaign. Said Rasmussen:

surprisingly, younger Americans are more supportive of the famous
Italian explorer than their elders. Seventy-two percent (72%) of both
men and women under 40 believe Columbus should be honored with a
holiday. Only 57% of men over 40 and 53% of women over 40 agree.

some teachers push ahead undeterred with their politically correct
propaganda. One teacher in the AP story said we're no longer supposed
to say that Columbus "discovered" America, because how can you
"discover" a place where people already lived. This is stupid. The
reference is to the discovery of America by Europeans.

I guess it's a shame that the king and queen of Spain couldn't have found a more politically correct explorer to dispatch west. Someone who would have totally ignored the two continents blocking his way to Asia, and kept his European diseases to himself. One who would have sailed back to Spain to say, "Don't bother with the New World. There's nothing there that would interest you." If so, we could have kept North and South America as a gigantic nature preserve.


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  • Joe, you're right! First, about the sad universality of bloodshed... second, because Italian or otherwise, Columbus changed the world forever by accidentally informing Europe that they were not the center but the edge of a vast unknown planet..third, because myths and heroes (from Columbus to Joe DiMaggio to Santa) are a vital and vitalizing part to every culture....fourth, because the only way the present can fairly judge and understand the past is to walk in ITS shoes not only OURS (one reason why kids today condemn Truman's ABomb from a totally uneducated and arrogant persspective)

  • Columbus did not "discover" a land that was already inhabited. It is highly immoral to suggest that the Natives were sub-human or insignificant. It is only fair and just for teachers and historians to give both sides of this story and to mention the suffering of the Natives. Columbus slaughtered, dismembered, tortured and enslaved thousands of indigenous Caribbeans for their gold. His unconscionable acts initiated the worst holocaust in world history and he should not be praised or celebrated! Considering that textbooks are still full of historical myths and misinformation, it is up to conscientious people to write and teach the truth. Not until the intrinsic rights of Indigenous peoples here on their own sacred land is recognized, can this be considered a truly democratic or civilized country!

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