Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid falls to anti-Americanism

So, Chicagoans and Americans, what do you think of world opinion now?

After pandering to world opinion, America got the shiv from the bozos voting at the International Olympic Committee. President Barack Obama, who was thought to bring in a new day of more congenial international relations after former President George W. Bush and who deployed his personal charisma into the competition, was given the back of the hand by the internationalists who run the Olympics.
I wouldn't argue that Chicago made the best presentation, but it had
its good points. No other city in the competition has the kind of
diversity that Chicago does, reflecting the global fellowship that the
Olympics is supposed to represent. It also had its bad points,
including the kind of iffy financing that the greedy IOC wouldn't favor.

Of course, some will blame Bush and the "last eight years" for the
negativity that enshrouds America in the court of global opinion. Not
that anyone should be grateful for America freeing Iraq of a tyrant
and, for example, fighting the Taliban whose persecution of women is
breath-taking. Or for leading the fight to prevent the spread of
nuclear weapons. Of for hundreds of billions of private and public aid
dollars have flowed from America to the rest of the world.

So, if anything, this vote could be interpreted as an argument for
increased isolation on the part of Americans. It will generate a lot of
"screw-yous" across America when this country is asked to come to
someone's rescue. When Africa insists that America do more to end the
AIDS epidemic there, or to end the ethnic slaughter in Darfur, the
temptation would be to respond to the plea with a "screw you, do it

That, of course wouldn't be right. America is freedom's beacon, proof
of the workability of democracy and capitalism. Whatever the vote of
the 100 clowns in Copenhagen, America will remain that, and it would be
beneath us to respond to this rejection in kind. We'll shake it off and
continue to do what we do best--continue to be a living example of
blessings of liberty. Even if the rest of the world has its head up its


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  • Dennis, I think this will be the conventional wisdom. And yet it seems to me that along with "anti-Americanism" there is a rich slice of "anti-Obamism" to this conclusion. Does refusing to buy the produce in Dominicks have to mean you hate the guy who owns the store...?

  • Your inflammatory blabbering on this subject is a typical troll post (from the Fox News, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh modus operandi book) intentionally designed to solicit a bunch of knee-jerk reactions in order to make this saggy website appear to be happening.

    Just in case you were serious, I can only point out that your highly ignorant viewpoint is precisely why "internationalists" prefer not to award Olympics to the U.S.

    But I seriously doubt that the level of your mental sophistication is that modest to comprehend the obvious connection.

  • In reply to RuggedlyHandsome:

    Oh, thank you, I couldn't possibly have said it better myself. Like half the (polled) Chicago population, I think the city needs to become a bit more orderly before hosting an event like this. "Screw you, do it yourself" -- can this guy be serious? That's what he calls an argument? Wah, we didn't get the Olympic bid, genocide can go screw itself. No, it's not just "beneath" us, it's incomprehensibly STUPID.

  • In reply to RuggedlyHandsome:

    I agree with this in principle. I think the more interesting question is what happens to the USOC now? If the IOC can't or won't vote for New York AND Chicago, what does the USOC do moving forward? Do they really try and put LA/SF on the block next? (Remember, California is broke). Do you really think another American city will actually have a chance in 2020? And who in their right mind would donate to such a cause?

    Really interesting day....

  • In reply to RuggedlyHandsome:

    I think much of the blame has to fall on the USOC. It's my understanding that they have continually antagonized the IOC, with the latest problem being their announcement that they were going to form an Olympic TV network and that all telecasts in the USA would have to go through it. They also have a well-known history of corruption (Salt Lake). It's also probable that the Asian bloc lined up solidly behind Tokyo, but perhaps the Europeans did the same for Madrid. In the long run, it's all about politics.

    On the plus side this may signal the end of King Richard.

  • In reply to BobM:

    Ha. You won't be so lucky re: King Richard. Although the thought of Richard and Maggie buying a condo on Copacabana is pretty hilarious....

  • In reply to BobM:

    Daley is not dead yet. Chicago will remain the greatest city in the Midwest, if not the entire country despite the IOC vote. The IOC supported a developing country on a continent that had not previously hosted the games. Daley and Obama are not responsible for "losing the Olympics."

  • In reply to BobM:

    I think its a mistake to blame it on the IOC. The strongest argument that RIO made was that South America had not yet held the Games. For the political manuvering check out and see who the members of the committee are. It may very well be that those members in Central and Eastern Europe abandoned the USA as a result of the recent snubs Obama's administration has given them.

    Chicago's presentation was dull, according to news reports with Michelle Obama making the most impassioned plea. Kudos to her. In the end Rio's passionate presentation coupled with the fact they have not held the games was probably a deciding factor.

    Chicago should try again!!!

  • In reply to BobM:

    There really is a possibility that the U.S., Chicago didn't get the bid because of the bad publicity Chicago is getting. The committee maybe looking at te fact that Chicago in particular, if
    they can't protect thier most precious citizens, it's children then who would want to come to a place like that for competition.

  • In reply to BobM:

    I think it should be clear that ALBERTA AFRICA a-k-a Alberta Wonderlin the "queen" of the MOVE ORGANIZATION is well acquainted with the "front of the hand" ("Moises" Alou, yeah right!) of the Olympic internationalists!!

  • In reply to BobM:

    How did anybody expect Chicago to even be in the running? Have you watched the news lately? People in the USA are afraid to go to Chicago. And after your adopted hometown President went around the world on his "We're Sorry" tour, apologizing for all of the US's terrible sins of the past, present and future (both real and imagined in the liberal mind), why would the world reward the GREAT SATAN with the hallowed Olympics? Maybe if Obama showed a little pride in the country he claims to represent, he would have a little credibility.

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